The Child Support Crime Saga

In short, this has been just another day in hell.  Another day of watching my many traitors (including family members) continue to scheme with the intent of quickly ruining my life. It is like a slow deterioration of your soul.
I have been damaged down to my skeletal system, poisoned, lasered, and radiated but, still, that wasn’t enough. They kidnapped my children but, even that wasn’t enough. I have been blackballed from full-time employment but it wasn’t enough. And just be clear, these lunatics have not only murdered my body but my finances, as well. Why wasn’t that enough for a ‘just because we can’ bounty?

I am going to introduce you to one of my gang stalkers who, willingly, provokes my distress. It is the kind of distress that a gold-digger may give to an unwitting financial prospect or…
(Yes, you got it!)…
‘A Meal Ticket’!

Meet my ex-husband Mustapha Cacius Acolatse, Sr., (Cacius Acolatse, M. Cacius Acolatse, or Coach Cacius)
Mustapha Acolatse - Lilburn, GA


Look at him grin! Could it be that he is happy that he has finally found a way to get over on people, including myself, without being prosecuted?  Honestly, this guy found it very hard to do things the straight-way because of his criminal background. Sadly, I didn’t know how deep his history was until after we were married.  Seriously, I should have thought twice when he asked me to marry him to obtain a Green card.  Obviously, at that time, I was young and very dumb for agreeing to it. Truthfully, I feel even dumber now because of what he is still putting me through even after the divorce.  I thought that, after our divorce, I would be freed from his abuse but, the abuse is worse now than it has ever been. And his criminal activity towards me has heightened to a degree that I never knew he was capable of thanks to his new found ‘buddies’ (from what he likes to call them).

He is happier, I think, because he can now scheme comfortably. Just look at him!  Now that I think about it, I should never have bought his first  suit. I cleaned him up and now I am the one he is helping to beat up. To think that now he is is an officer of a ministry named Redemption Ministries is nothing short of a pun.
Born in Monrovia, Liberia, he couldn’t wait to kidnap our children for a second time, speculatively, to drain my finances and to force me into everlasting unhappiness. He really wanted to be the ‘American me’ so badly that he had to frame me in order to do it. He loved to have bragging rights and he is very obsessive in appearances even if he was totally broke.
Frankly, you can think what you want about him but, to me, he is a pitiful excuse for a human being. What man (one who is actually a man) would participate in gang stalking and torturing the mother of their children and the woman who helped build your foundation?  I know that sometimes we want to hurt the people we care about. I also know that there are times that we don’t want to be loved by those who claim to love us. I won’t speak for everyone, but, sometimes, I want to back slap someone simply because that is how bad their love hurts. But no matter how bad the situation has been; never would I have volunteered to gang stalk someone who I’ve had a close relationship with. The lunacy is beyond words. Who does that?

Oops!  My ex does, My bad!

Here is a preview of how scandalous my situation with my ex-husband is. On Monday of this week, I was called in to work. I was called to HR so that they could pass me an envelope that stated that as of May 11th my weekly check would be drafted for the amount of 352. dollars a month for child support. First off, I never received a court order pertaining to this. Secondly, a blind man can see that the custody paperwork was falsified in Virginia if it was compared to the original documents where I was granted custody in the State of Georgia. Thirdly, I am only scheduled to work two days a week unless I am called in. In other words, what is the point of busting my toosh for chump change if I am not going to see it? That amount is more than my actual income. And fourthly (if there is such a thing), why is no one doing anything about this? How did he obtain custody to begin with while having a criminal history? As a matter of fact, the same year that he was granted total, not joint, custody of my children in Virginia, there were charges against him for assaulting someone else in Georgia. It’s public record.  Also, not to fail to mention, in that year he was thousands of dollars in debt to child support. To this day, he is still paying it. I don’t know how it sounds to you but it sounds to me that, by pushing me into the same debt, I am helping him to pay off his own balance. He is not, in the least bit, concerned about his children and their quality of life.

And, also, since Monday, I have received lawsuit paperwork in regards to child support. Give me a break! How do you sue someone who barely has a job? I can’t lie. These Africans have laid their torture on thick. Because of my, I now can understand the word ‘deportation’ a little better. His associates seem to enjoy abusing Americans and our families.

For some reason, I guess that all of the bullying, tantrums, and “I beg of you” pleads must have paid off in some way.

The only thing that I can, now, really say is that this is a prime example of the types of people that Targeted Individuals have to face on a daily basis. We are shrouded in criminal activity that we would rather not participate but are forced to in order to appease gang-bangers’ filthy agendas. It is disturbing to know that even the officers of the courts are criminals. The skits that some of the judges and lawyers put together in these courtrooms are shameful. It is sometimes hard to believe it is happening. You can pretty much tell that things are not going to end in your favor, such as in my Virginia custody hearing. Even the clerks were in on it.

Finally, I also wanted to share that I will be leaving, yet, another family members’ home. This will be my third move since 2013. The gang members have again infected my family, whereas, for one reason or another, it is just not working out. It is understandable because it is not working out for me, either. I am so sick of watching my family shock me to death because of their fear of this cult. My skin has suffered more here than anywhere else. Mind you, I am being tag-teamed here. Including myself, there are nine people in this household. It would be a plus for me if I left. Besides, I hate being cornered but I hate it even more that I have nowhere to go.
As you probably have seen, it is just another tactic to keep me unstable. Another means of keeping me away from daughter and fail any healthy relationships. My move out deadline is by the end of July. I do not know where I will go or what I will do without money but I trust that God will see me through the hardships that have been forced upon me.  I am surprised that they haven’t completely murdered me, yet. I know they are still working on it but, until then…

All I am asking for is your prayers.

May God Bless You All


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