The economy and the shredding of the safety net increases US suicide rate

As to the increase of suicides in Virginia, I can believe it. It was the origin of my own very violent targeting experience. Lack of money is not the only issue. Organized stalking has become a major, unmanageable crime with ‘economy bust’ being the operative’ phrase.

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Thom Hartmann at AlterNet:

Virginia’s suicide rate is now the highest [3] it’s been in the last 13 years; Virginians are now three times more likely to die from suicide than they are from homicide.

And Virginia is not alone.

Over the past decade, our nation’s suicide rate has been steadily climbing, rising a staggering 23 percent.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, there were 700,000 emergency room visits in 2010 alone for self-inflicted injuries.

The fact is, America’s suicide rate is on the rise, and Conservative economic policies are to blame.

In a study released in May [4], Professors David Stuckler and Sanjay Basu of Oxford University in England found that suicide rates in both the U.S. and U.K. increase when working class wages and wealth decline.

The study calculates, for example, that there were 4,750 “excess” suicides during the recession period in the U.S., compared with suicide…

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