Another Day, Another Sorrow

The last two nights while being targeted have been horrific. These psychopaths are still shocking me to sh&ts. It seems that they have pumped up the volume just a bit. Sadly, nothing that they are doing is any different from what they have already done when I was in Virgina.

As reported on a previous post called ‘YUCK! (, my 16 year cousin was up to her little tricks, again, last night.  It was all pretty much the same scenario. She started dropping items down on a table which resulted in my body being shocked over and over again every time she did it. She sometimes acts as if she enjoys doing evil. Or maybe she enjoys the attention that she receiving from being ‘Gooned’. There was a change, though. This time the sounds boomed and it felt as if the entire house had lifted and was dropped. This was the only difference between this time and the last. People really can’t believe that TI’s are living in a Sci-Fi world or maybe that is how they designed to appert but it true.

By the way, I do know this, my family is getting something out of it. It is ridiculous to me to have to watch them running around timing their next attack. And, yes, they know what I am going through in being targeted. I have told them. Obviously, they don’t are. What they want is more important. It is sad to see. I wander if they have ever thought about what they would do once things turn back around? How would they take it if they are announced, officially, to be criminals and treason bait-ers. It is even more awful to know that this child and the rest of the family go to church almost every Sunday. It’s actually embarrassing!

As to the other incident (almost always when I am trying to sleep), I was shocked later that evening after posting the following blog entry…



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