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Are you my next target?


No Psychos, No Druggies, No Stooges

Recommended reading: the previous post, a discussion between Tina and I about the successful psychopath.

Are you lonely, popular, caring, confident, laid back, anxious, adventurous, bored, traumatised, naïve, competitive, depressed, sentimental, accepting, argumentative, compassionate, impulsive or shy?

If so, then boy have I got just the trick for you! Get your very own custom-made psychopath experience, with guaranteed success rate, for one of us at least. Order now, and get free emotional trauma to take with you when we’re done. While stocks last.

“…catch a sucker by its toe. If it squeals, hold on tight; I ain’t letting this bitch go.

If there is one question all victims of psychopaths have asked themselves at some point in the period after their psychopath has moved on, it has to be “why me?” Or more specifically; “what was it that made me a target?” Such a question has little value after the fact, you were

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