Hearing voices? Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Now, speaking of hearing voices, how about this for the kick-off. My voices (those using psychotronic weapons and satellite to communicate their grotesque yapping) have announced, on more than one occasion, that they need me to be “Yuck-ed” for some retard reason. Does anyone have any ideas as to why?

At least I, now, know why I am being tortured so cruelly. I, honestly, do not know the exact reason why but, of course,  those that know me can already tell you that I will still try to take a stab at it anyway. 🙂

1. There was someone in my life that was sooo jealous or insecure (or both) that shoving me into this gang stalking program was their only way of  relief.

2. Someone tucked me into the program out of greed. Maybe, just maybe, they were trying to steal what they thought I had. Sorry folks. I’ve never been a millionaire but that does not mean that I don’t deserve it.

3. Maybe there was someone whom did not like me simply because I was not only a person of color but, a pretty intelligent person of color that had ambitions and goals.

4. Maybe I found out some things that I should not have known so gang stalking was the ‘fix-it-quick’ scheme.

5. Maybe my ex-husband has surpassed being the lunatic in which he already was for the sake of having money and power over me. (Now, that’s desperate!)

6. Or, maybe they wanted to eliminate my personality.TI’s can see the types of personalities that these perps are use to. That’s for certain.) Without attempting to sound vain, I will have to admit that, even though I wasn’t rich, I was still a pretty good catch! And a fun one at that! Maybe beating me up, destroying my body, and my personality was a sure thing in the “YUCK” arena. Who would want me now, right? Besides, they are enough ‘Yuck’ for everybody. Or did they miss the memo?

(Maybe it never occurred to them or maybe they were in deep denial when I said, frankly, I do not give a about any one romantic relationship from my past or, even, for the future. Why should I?! Everyone is now freaking DEMONIC!)

Yeah, I can really see myself saying “I  DO” in this hot mess of  a too corrupt society. Talk about “YUCK!) Could you see me waking up after the honeymoon is over, staring at a dagger dangling above my head or tied up in a basement I can!. Are they crazy?!  The only thing left to say to them is, “You people can have it!”  Thank God! some of us are not that desperate.

OK… you know what.  After that last thought, I no longer care why they are doing these things to me. Maybe it was not meant for me to understand. They will just have to keep doing what they do until their damning day. Oh well.

As a final thought, I just wanted to expose the torture that I received by a family member. A 15-year old family member, at that who is definitely ‘feeling themselves‘, as they say. Now everyone has a criminal record without even knowing it.

While making a dire attempt to get to sleep last night, my cousin (whose name I will not disclose in order to protect the not-so-innocent), began dropping this object over and over again on a glass end table. It may have looked innocent to anyone looking in but the story does not end there.

Every time this object dropped on the table my body was being shocked from the inside out. It sounds really weird but these butt holes can really do this. I told someone earlier that it felt as if there was a bomb going off in your body. Anyway, she did this repeatedly. I was ambushed by this weapon at least four times  consecutively. And when I told her to stop dropping the object and explained to her what it was doing to my body, she ignored me and continued to do it. That is how evil they are training people to be. Including our families. It’s obvious that someone is getting something out of it. I know I am not.

I can also, almost guess, that some of you may want to know if I went in on her ‘tooshie‘. To answer your question, no I did not. I have the suspicion, that, that is exactly what these perps are waiting for us. They would love it if we were to ruin our own lives even further than they have. ( I can‘t say that I didn’t want to, though!. 😉

How many languages do we need in order to say goodbye to these jerks?

Adios!, Hasta luego!, Hasta la vista!, Arrivederci!, Sayonara!, Au revoir! Simply put…Goodbye!

Thanks for listening,

God Bless.


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