Another Glorious Day As A Targeted Individual…

Hi folks, I just wanted to gripe about another beautiful day as a Targeted Individual. I  did go to work today, but, unfortunately for me, I still experienced the same probing to my head that I have experienced since 2012.

It is so, so sad that these people that have mobbed us and have tormented us (for so many years) are still willing and available to stalk Targeted Individuals without a real cause. It is, no doubt, a 24/7 operation.

Honestly, they  are still talking and screaming at me as if it hasn’t already been several years since I was first targeted. Nothing has really changed. I have my good days, but most of the time, their attentions are pretty bad. Such as today, when I got off from work, the family members that I currently reside with decided that their lives would better if they just do what they were told.

By observation, what they were told to do was very harmful to my body. I endured a burning to my skin after their programed triggers. (This is how you know that you are entrapped in a magnetic field.)  They went on to bang on the dining room table, they dropped items on the floor, etc. And it gave me much pause. I truly became angry knowing that it was all intentional but, obviously, I did not react in a way that would, considerably, ruin my own life. For some reason, I still have ‘cough’.

Even the ‘turn up’ of the music (that was so loud that it could, possibly, blow someone’s eardrums) was harmfully insane. Obviously, the nap that I was trying to take was shrugged off. Sleep deprivation is a main priority in Gang Stalking. If you ever hear it said that losing sleep was one of their motives, then know, (from this blog), that it is true. A Gang stalkers methods are very inconsistent, yet, redundant. This is definitely, absolutely, true.

On another note, these Perps, (I have found) may be attacking my job (once again). I can recall two men (who I am assured have aided in my gang stalking), and they go by the names of Ron Gilbert and Jim Todd, (ex-managers of E-Toys Direct in Blairs, Virginia, lastly known as the Parent Company).

These Caucasian men, from what I have seen, decided to eliminate any job duties that I may have ever had as a Transportation Assistant for Domestic and Import freight by dispersing my duties to those, dired folks, that they may have wanted to keep. The saga is huge but I won’t go into detail, yet.  I can almost imagine what they would say to end any job or career decisions that I may be working towards because they truly do not want to see me happy. Yes, I was eventually the only black woman in the office. But, if you heard my story, their reasoning behind what they did, could, possibly, be false. Here is a word of advice. Ask the source (myself) before you ask them about anything. Their business is in Restructuring. This, I found, is true. But their restructuring may come at a dire cost. It is called LYING!

As to my current job, I see the same things happening. The same thing that happened to my previous position as a Transportation Assistant, whereas, they are eliminating and distributing your duties so that, eventually, you will no longer have a job. It is quite sad that they continue to do what they do so blatantly (but they do).

As a matter of fact, the con-men may have a hand in every job opportunity that I do or do not get. Did I ever mention that I may have caught them double-billing? And what I mean by that is that their team of people may have sent out the same multiple invoices over and again even though those particular bills were already paid. I know this because I was the one helping to pay them.

If this was true, it is no wonder that they are destroying my life and riding my tootsie!


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