The ‘Steeler’ Shock

The ‘Steeler’ Shock

By mstmha

This may sound crazy. Then again, with some people it may sound just a bit paranoid but please believe me in what I am about to say is far from paranoid.

As a Targeted Individual, you will learn a lot about people and what they are capable of. Even those that may have a certain ‘status-quo’ in society will try things that you may never believe that they could do, but they do. Ask Obama, he is a natural at doing things that, even his own ‘Colored people’ would never suspect.

I am blogging, personally, today to reiterate on the constant redundancies of my gang stalking program based on something that happened recently. Most people who know about my targeting experience also know that I moved from Virginia to Georgia, in order to, not only move closer to my children, but to attempt to escape those who have been and are still consistently ferocious in their abuse of my person. Some of which were supporters of or retirees of the NFL. Sad folks, but definitely true.

Yesterday, after leaving work, I noticed a car painted in black and yellow cutting someone off and then sped down the street in the opposite direction. The way it happened, it was as if the driver wanted to make sure that I noticed him. Once I was in his vicinity, he sped up and the car’s motor began to make a very loud sound as he picked up speed. Amazingly, at that moment, you could only hear the car ‘s motor at that particular moment.  Yeah, when I, coincidentally, showed up on the scene. Sure… it’s just a coincidence, right?

Believe me when I say that what I have said and what I am about to say is not paranoia. (I have had my mental check-up. Thank you very much.)  Unfortunately, this type of stalking happens a lot with many Targeted Individuals. Especially, if their perps are as cocky as mine and feel that they need to demand your utmost attention.

Now,  as to my first question…

Can anyone guess what the colors black and yellow represent?

I am sure someone has already figured out.

The colors black and yellow represented the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers. As a matter of fact, the name Steelers was written on his car. As a matter of fact, the same thing happened in Virginia during my gang stalking ‘Street Theater’. I remember passing a car (more than once) that was similar to the one recently seen in Georgia. It was designed almost identically, if not the same. The car, in Virginia, was painted the almost the same, and, yes, it emblazoned the Steeler name.

The Pittsburgh Steelers logo was creeping me out in Virginia (not to be stereotypical, but the dreadlock theme was everywhere) and, from what it seems, they have not stopped in Georgia.

Whether, it is those duds, retirees, sponsors, prostitutes, or whatever. The reason behind why they are stalking me so aggressively still remains unknown.

Why would they stalk me if they weren’t trying to do there part in making my life miserable. As I said before, I really do not know the depth of t heir contracts, but, I do see that my stalking is no longer a coincidence. If the Steeler’s had some involvement, I would certainly believe it.

Here is another reason why I believe that members of the NFL, and possibly other sports teams, may have some involvement in my targeting.

To make a long story short, I was practically raised around ball players’! As a matter of fact, my ex-track coach was a retiree from the NFL. His son went on to play for the NFL, as well. I remember that my ex-coach and I had a run-in with me at the DMV in Danville, Virginia. I also remember that he seemed shameful and he could barely look at me. Coincidence? Not really. If I had to guess, he was probably feeling very guilty. But, of course, that is just a guess. I am just being honest.

After a while, it wasn’t even a question of coincidence after being stalked by an ex-Miami Dolphin, an ex- Redskin, etc. Based on my experience with them, it really is not a question of coincidence, but, a question of how far they will go in order to prove their innocence. Or, rather, not having to prove it, for that matter.

As long as the government is ghosting these current, or ex-players, by hiding their real governmental agendas away from us and their NFL or sport’s player puppets…

As long as they give these players’ and their families’ permission to harm and manipulate the public…

My question is this…

Where does the mentally non-insane now exist? Obviously, the ball players’ and their families have been easily manipulated due to the importance of money.  It seems that everyone is in the survival mode with no care for anyone else.

Where are the positive role models that we use to look up to as children? Is it now proven that the love of money is the ‘real’ root of all evil.

Now that these so-called celebrities’ have brought their ‘on the field ‘PLAYS’ into the real world, what chance do we have in living normal lives? Is self-gratification that important to them where they cannot see how they are really damaging themselves and us?

Again, let us pray…

Once upon a time, I actually liked the Steeler team when all it was, was a game. Now, I am not so sure.


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