Dr Phil Organized Stalking Victim Segment “I Swear I’m Being Cyber Stalked, Wiretapped & Followed”

mstmha: The following video is of a man by the name of, Matt Barasch, who is, yet, another Targeted Individual who is making a very brave attempt to disclose his story. He is also the man who is now suing Dr. Phil for $100 million dollars because he claims that Dr. Phil made him look crazy on his show.  Matt Barasch IS NOT CRAZY!

Find more information about Matt’s lawsuit at the following link…


Amazingly, Matt is also offering Attorney services through the FFCHS (for a fee, of course), for Targeted Individuals. I am not going to guarantee services to anyone because I have not tried his services myself. If I could afford it, I possibly would.  More information about costs and services is provided after the video.

Our Story similarities based on his story from the Dr. Phil show…

*Stalking while driving…

OK, in the hopes of being redundant (because it is but it is also true), I have had very similar experiences myself. Unfortunately, Matt Barasch’s story is mild in comparison.

I have witnesses who have seen for themselves that I was being followed. Heck, it terrified them, as well! I even tested the fact that I was being stalked while in my car (with witnesses) by turning into, not just one subdivision, but two subdivisions where I did not live and two cars were tailing me the entire time. They stopped after following me to the second subdivision. Could it be that they finally figured out what I was doing? Possibly.

*Governmental system injustices…

As to police reports, well, I have had more than one incidence where I have called the police, they showed up but no reports were taken. They will deny anything. I have even called the police as well as, Social Services in order for them to check on my daughter when I believed that she may have been in danger in the hands of, her father, my ex-husband.

Now, as some of my readers may already know. My daughter has already attempted to commit suicide in his custody and he has even tried to push her down a flight of stairs. (This man has a recorded history of abuse, yet, still he obtained custody of my children. How? He says that his actions were in the name of DISCIPLINE. Who does that??? Still, he and his ‘gang’ go around smiling and swarming around me in grocery stores, at work, etc. as if it is an accomplishment to be straight-out EVIL. Talk about mental insanity! It is even sadder that they are breeding children into these programs to the point that they obviously never knew any better. We are surrounded by them! Victims have been tucked away, without safety, within their (not-so secret) bubble of their own self-made LA LA Land. And they want people to believe that it is the Targets’ that are crazy! I would never have had enough time in the day  to do half of what the real crazies do.

Now, do you think, amidst all of my family drama and abuse, that anyone has attempted to follow suit to see what was going on with my child (who is a minor) or anything else that I have reported since I have been targeted? Absolutely not! Could it be, also, that my calls were re-directed to these ‘gang members’ and not to the actual authorities. I have had that feeling for a long time because of their self-righteous, I-do-not-care, attitudes. They don’t want to help for a reason. It seems that they really enjoy the time spent destroying my family.

You see, that is the curse of being a Targeted Individual. Even our own American government acts as if they do not care whether, WE THE PEOPLE, may live or die.

Man on the roof…

Absolutely! The footsteps on the roof have been heard in ‘almost’ every home that I have lived in since being targeted. Yes, they are really that psycho.

Organized stalking is not a prank and, no, everyone who reports it is not Schizo.  How is it that most of your life, you are living peacefully and in the later half of your life you are for some reason screaming stalker? And your not the only one!

Sad but true, it is the ones whom aide and abet those that hinder our God-given progression and who have caused major issues to occur in our lives that have the real problems. ‘Insane in the membrane’ is not just a song.

Watch the show…
Dr Phil Organized Stalking Victim Segment “I Swear I’m Being Cyber Stalked, Wiretapped & Followed”


Matt Brasch’s Legal Services

FFCHS is working in conjunction with an attorney – who is a TI – to offer legal services for the community.  Most of you are familiar with Matt Barasch who came to us last year after an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show and who now has a lawsuit against Dr. Phil.  He is in a position to offer full-time legal services to our community at a reduced rate.

Here’s how his services will work:
— Legal Consultations:  
$125 per one hour / $75 half hour  –  Paid in advance by Paypal   
* PayPal email……………………milesbaron@aol.com
* Correspondance email ….  mattbaraschesq@aol.com
There is a 10% discount for those with paid FFCHS memberships on the following legal services: Business Torts, including:
…..Defamation of Character and interfering with contractual relations
…..Wrongful Termination
…..Breach of Contract
…..Emotional Distress
Additional Services that are available:
— Preparation for Court

— Preparation of and/or Reviewing Legal Documents*A consultation is necessary prior to any preparation or reviewing of documents
— Psychiatric Hold Consultations

— Restraining Orders – California Only   

— Cease & Desist Orders 

Initial contact will be by email to Matt Barasch to:   mattbaraschesq@aol.com  outlining legal service needed and if you wish one (1) hour or a (1/2) half hour phone consultation.  Once Matt reviews your email  a reply with time and date for the initial phone consultation will take place. 

* Payment is required in advance prior to a consultation date through Matt’s Paypal account:  milesbaron@aol.com  
Please be sure to include your contact information in your email to him – phone or email so that he can get back to you. 
Legal Investigator *Delores DeDe Hall*  will be assisting Matt Barasch with discovery and  Pre-Litigation throughout.

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