“This Is What They Do…They Take You To War!”- Is the IMF just the International Mafia Federation?

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mstmha: “The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is now the (International Mafia Fund). Coincidence? Not really.

Now that we are speaking of the mafia, why is it that they gladly await economic destruction amongst all people outside of themselves? at suffer as we do? Hmmmm……

Obviously, we have been SOLD-OUT! Why can’t people see that we have been bamboozled, led-astray, and run a muck? Are we that naive, as humans, or is it that the majority would rather just turn a blind eye? At least until, they too, are the victims.

If the ‘blind eye’ is the truth for all people, then where will we ever find real justice? How can we all, as human beings, maintain safety?

And to reiterate, who can turn a blind eye and not ever become un-affected by what we should have seen if we were never ‘blind’ to begin with?

How long are we going to allow them to play on our so-called incompetence when incompetence is the sustenance that guides their efforts? What is stopping us from being better than them?

The bottom-line is…

They are…


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