Please Do Me A ‘Grave’ Favor

Please Do Me A ‘Grave’ Favor

By mstmha

Because I am a Targeted Individual (not by volunteering), there is a chance that I may die from years of experimentation and harassment. There may also be the possibility that someone else may get hurt from this, as well. I am sorry for saying it, but, these jerk-offs make me so angry. Especially, when they look you in the right in the face and smirk while they are attacking me at the same time. I do try to maintain some decency, but, I cannot guarantee the final outcome. I, seriously, have to pray everyday for the strength to ‘not’ wring these bastards necks and send them straight to hell. So far, I have been the bigger person. Even though they continuously attack me, I haven’t hurt anyone. Thank you, Jesus! It is quite sad that I have never believed in owning a weapon, but the braver these retards get, the more  I feel that I have to have one. They are attacking without being challenged. That, in my opinion, is the major problem. But, it becomes more complicated even in that. They want you to do something stupid. They want you to ‘act out’ so that your life is completely ruined. (As if they haven’t done a good enough job already.)

I have spent the majority of my time at work, being attacked by these sickos. There were many times when I wanted to smack the smile off of their faces. It happened frequently, one after another where they would bat there hand at me and I would, immediately, feel as if I was being sprayed with a chemical. It felt something like pepper being thrown on my body. My body (especially my head) would start to tremor as if I had some type of muscular disease. More simply put, it causes a nervous condition within my body that I never had before being targeted. I could feel my head shaking, uncontrollably, and a burning on my skin every time one of these ‘useless eaters’ walked past or approached me. The evilness in their heart is fatal and non-stop.

Now. as to what I am asking from of my readers.  If it so happens that I pass away from these horrific ordeals. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….DO NOT LET THEM WIN!!!

Order that the footage from any place; whether work, department store, gas station or wherever to be exposed. Order every family member and any relationship outside of family to undergo the best lie detector tests available. Do not allow them them to ‘pull the wool’ over your eyes!

Prime Example: I took pictures of just a few of my gang stalkers while working for a department store years ago and when it came time to get them developed. None of the pictures came out. Coincidence? Not a chance. (I even asked them to say cheese!)

Please request any evidence available, not to exclude, court summons/orders and custody hearing videos and possible transcripts. (Of course courts have cameras!) Now, some transcripts may not be available but just in case they all are. Grab them! Demand any and all email exchanges. (I have, literally, emailed and mailed ‘many’ government entities about my own torture and others. Including, Alex Jones from InfoWars.)

Demand the evidence! I do not want my life to waist away into nothing due to the mischievous vanity of others. They should have just left us all alone. But they did and have not. There is no good excuse for anything that they have done to others and, no… just because they may think they are too cute to loose, targeting through electronic weapons and bullying is still unacceptable. And we cannot forget…. It Is Still Against The Law! That has not changed.

In closing, if anything does happen to me, PLEASE, do me that favor.  Demand The Truth!

Kind regards,

mstmha aka Tiffany Hood-Acolatse

(At the current time…Not A ‘RIP’)



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