Message From A Gang Stalker…

Message From A Gang Stalker

Don’t let those Bastards Get to you Man…
They are not better than those criminals they protect.
Would you make an alliance with the Devil and expect it to well behave?
Would you ask Community Watch Informants A.K.A. “GangStalkers” to come and help you and well behave?
We just can’t trust them.
Bad Cops Did. is here
… … … … … … … … … … …
It is not like I am using this medium to express myself in anonymity. Every single Organized Informant “GangStalker” and colluded Bad Cop knows my identity. I am the one who wants to end this. I WANT TO TURN MYSELF IN! Please tell me what precinct you want me to go and I will show up. NO JUDGE will accept a guilty plea once they learn that every piece of this case -my case- is tainted and biased because of personal HATE against me. So when and where is gonna be? Please tell me!
I want Due Process,
I want a Fair Trial,
I want the Best Defense,
Isn’t that the way is supposed to be?

mstmha: Even some Gang Stalkers want to the right thing!

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