Gas Station Gang Stalking


OK, folks…How about this small scenario…

I was at the gas station today, for obvious reasons. Yep, you guessed it…to get some gas!

As I innocently walk up to the counter, I noticed that the attendant was not very happy to see me. Just to make this as simple as I can. Simply stated, the word “HOE” slipped from his lips once he saw me. I am not kidding.  My first thought was to ask how do you know me? My second thought was not to ask and to keep it moving. By the way, no, I am not a hoe. Maybe they should have began my stalking in my younger years. You know… those days when you were just young and stupid?  But here is the kicker…How is it his business?

Stop Women Abuse

Anyway, onward with my story. I did not know this man from Adam. As a matter of fact, today was the first time that I had ever seen his face. So why would a perfect stranger attempt to make a comment like that, no matter how discreet? A grown man at that. If he is a member of a mob or a gang, then why can’t they just keep it to themselves without harming others? Why is it that they feel the need to expose their indecencies all over the place?

I will have to ex close that he was a man of another nationality, (possibly Indian), In which, pretty much cases my personal experiences with foreigners and foreign businesses. As a matter of fact, I made this point clear in my self testimony of my gang stalking experiences that you may find at the following link…

No…I did not act out like a heathen or get carried away to the point of causing confusion or major trouble. I simply asked for what I came for and departed.

What is the problem? I have never had a conversation with this man. As far as I know, we have never had a run-in, yet, he judged me from his mouth and drew his opinion of me deliberately knowing that I was a total stranger. Can their networks run that deep, whereas, they draw opinions from their own kind. Especially, those that we have actually had real run-ins with. Sure. It is absolutely possible. Most certainly possible when you are being gang stalked.

I remember, in a more recent point in my life, an Indian from Punjab (whose name I will not disclose, at least not right now), pretended that he was interested in me. He claimed that he was interested in myself and my family to the point of marriage, believe it or not. At least he was pretending from my view.  He claimed that he had previously worked as a translator for the UN until they imprisoned him for whatever reason. (Yes, he said that they locked him up for at least 23 months from my understanding and he did not know why.) He also claimed that he spoke seven languages, which I may, actually, give him credit for. He was hell on his cell phone. But, sadly, in my opinion, he was just a pathological liar.

We never did anything that he said we would do, and, nor, did we have a real sexual relationship. I refused him because I happened to be and still am, at least, seven years in celibacy. It’s been so long that I have, literally, lost track. That’s right. I did not give my soul to him by offering my most private possession. Certainly, I did make it perfectly clear that if we were not married, then he may as well just forget about it.  He made it seem to me that he did not mind… until… the time came around where he just disappeared. I, somehow, knew that it was going to happen, eventually, and he did not disappoint me by doing it. Gang Stalkers come in your life and then they leave. End of story.

Could he have been a clear-cut case of how they creep around their gang-stalker informants? You know… that someone who is present only to obtain what could be valuable information. At least, that, which is valuable to them. Those material things that could, eventually be stolen (along with your panties if you let them)?  Possibly. Could he have been one of those that allowed the shocks to my body even though I complained about it to him on a consistent basis? Absolutely. Maybe he and his buddies are the ones aiding in the digging in my head on a daily basis in order to keep me disgruntled. Still, it is a huge possibility. But, please, could someone please tell me…Who wants to be a part of a family like that?

I do not know for sure as to what his intentions really were but I do know that he was never truly honest. Maybe he did me a favor by just disappearing. I would hope so anyway.

Still, I would hate to think that false rumors were being spread about me in cultures that I have limited knowledge about. The type of rumors that may add fire to my ongoing gang stalking torture.


Why can’t they just leave innocent people alone? Why is there so much hatred? I, as an American, did not do whatever harm that was done to them and their people. Maybe it was our American government…sure… but even we, as Americans, know that our government does a lot of harm to a lot of people. Even Americans. Some of which, even the majority of Americans may disagree with. It is not the typical American’s fault as to what has been done to them… but they choose to blame us anyway. And our families are the ones suffering for no reason what-so-ever.

I just want to be free. To hell with all of their personal drama. Maybe they need to start blaming the right people. At some point, the truth may set us all free.

The violence must stop. It is not accomplishing anything but more misery.

Now tell me…Who wants to live the rest of their lives in misery?

When is this divide-and-rule bull going to end?

In other words…



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One response to “Gas Station Gang Stalking

  • prayerwarriorpsychicnot

    There has always been sexism/mysogyny and some cultures are more sexist/misogynist than others. You raise an interesting point about “racism”. Racism has been hi-jacked from its original position of social justice to a political tool. Some cutures are more racist than others. Because the power/money elites want mass migration they ignore the sexism/racism of some of the incoming cultures and have reframed racism as not about treating people of colour equally but being opposed to immigration. Ye olde divide and rule again. (at womens and blacks, especially working class, expense). As if we didn’t have enough home grown bigots to deal with.

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