Who Is Doug? (More Targeting Updates)

Anyone who is a Targeted Individual knows their perpetrators are constantly, at any given hour surrounding them. They certainly make sure that they are heard and felt no matter where the target goes. It is absolutely psychotic in the way that these people function, yet, it is real.

Now the question that I have, at this very moment, is who is Doug because my own un-welcomed gang stalking perpetrators cannot keep his name out of their mouths. So who is Doug? Is he the one that orders these creeps to swarm around me and violate every Constitutional right that I have ever had? Is he the one that orders these pests to use microwaves and shocks to my person on an, almost, daily basis? Was he the one that aided and abetted in the stabbings to head that I have felt all day long? What are they doing? Are they digging for gold? If that is the case, I seriously doubt that they will find it in my head. 🙂

It is these types of idiots who are running around lying, harming, and manipulating others to be so far gone that it brings pause to what I use to think about our governmental systems. I use to think that if you minded your business and attempt to do the right thing, then you would come to no harm. At least, that is what I use to think. Nope. They drag you into their misery.

As of now, those involved in this, not-so-new, system have come to have no remorse for anything or anyone while steadily in pursuit of harming others. They are literally murdering people without second thought. Even to the point of destroying people that they never knew and may never have had any intention of knowing.

This is no joking matter. It is as if everyone in the mental institutions’ were just dropped off in the street. And it is the innocent that has to deal with the low blows that our ‘new’ society now thinks we should deserve.

Instead of making everyone else miserable, why can’t they just get rid of themselves? Put themselves out of their OWN misery? Why drag everyone else into their issues that, mind you,  we do not all share? Life, in my opinion, was bad enough without the extra. Trust me.

Someone once used a quote that said, “If you take life from others, do you deserve your own?” (This may not be the exact wording.)

The layers and layers of deceit that they randomly throw at their targets is exhausting. So, if they can’t deal with their own drama, why do we have to?

I would truly like to know who this Doug is. I would also enjoy asking him why is my targeting so important to him.

There have been many other names that I have noticed as being randomly repeated because their puppets do not have a clue as to how to shut their traps. Another name frequently mentioned is Ahmad. (Not sure if that is the correct spelling, but, you get where I coming from, I’m sure.) There has also been a Hank and a Mary. And… not to exclude the name Blake.  It seems that I am being bounced around from one terrorists to the next. I intended to leave these crazies behind in Virginia. Instead, they have, obviously, passed the buck. I cannot go anywhere, including the grocery store.

Who are these people and why are they doing this to myself and my family? Are they helping my ex-husband, whom I already know for a fact is involved in my stalking, to attempt to get rich quick on my account? Why would anyone think that he would even deserve it? Besides, he wouldn’t get far with my pocketbook. I make 8.00 an hour and I work two days a week, if I am lucky.

Yeah… they are real gold-diggers.  (Can you feel my sarcasm…?)

Or… maybe it is just a power-trip… (I do have to say that their ‘TRIP’ has been a long one.)

Why can we not have peace in our remaining days on this earth? If they feel that we must die for some reason, then why don’t they just do it? Why prolong the inevitable? Because of these psycho weapons, we are, inevitably, all bound to the disease called Cancer and, eventually, we will die because of it. So, why continue the torture if we are to die anyway?

They are such pu&&ies!

By the way, if I happen to die from this, make them pay for the funeral.


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