SILENCED: The War On Whistleblowers (Kiriakou/Radack/Drake) [2014]


John Kiriakou- Ex CIA-Officer

02/07/2015In SILENCED: The War on Whistleblowers, three Americans reveal the persecution they’ve faced after they dared to question National Security policy in post 9/11 America. Everyone knows the name Edward Snowden, the fugitive and former intelligence contractor, but Academy Award nominated documentarian James Spione introduces us to three other whistleblowers of the era, speaking for the first time in one film, who discuss in dramatic and unprecedented detail the evolution of the governments increasingly harsh response to unauthorized : The War on Whistleblowers includes exclusive first-person accounts from Jesselyn Radack, the former Justice Department lawyer who challenged the Bush Administrations treatment of American-born Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh; Thomas Drake, the former senior official at the NSA who helped expose the massive waste and illegality of the earliest warrantless surveillance programs aimed at American citizens; and John Kiriakou, the ex-CIA officer who was the first official to publicly acknowledge waterboarding as sanctioned government policy, whom we follow closely as he attempts to defend himself against Espionage Act charges while struggling to keep his family :

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