I, too, am a VICTIM. There is no need in feeling ashamed for something that you may never have started. Speak your peace, as a Targeted Individual, and we will pray that the truth may set, not just you, but all of us free.


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  • Numia Masina

    I am currently residing in San Francisco, California. As I’ve reviewed, we have the highest population of “ti’s” in this state. Second comes New York, then Boston. I don’t think that a lot of these perps hired to do a lot of the footwork actually know the seriousness of this sick act. Of cours, it still gives no excuse and room for reasoning. I am targeted and have been since 2005. In the beginning I’ve experienced an abundance of betrayal. I was pushed to believe I was crazy. I was involved with a woman who later, became a perp and tried placing me in a mental asylum….. Now that’s REAL LOVE. Anyways, the beginning stages started with the petty gang stalking routines; brighting, gas lighting, break-ins, then food poisoning. Same faces different places act stalked throughout the town. Today, it’s more of a distant harassment and stalking tactic using EMF, V2K voice to skull, ICT implants, microwave weapons, and remote neural influences. 24/7 surveillance is placed on my whereabouts and everything I do. I can’t even pass gas quietly without them knowing. It’s ……. Something out of a espionage book. Of course the community is somewhat involved. What motivates anyone for their services? MONEY! That’s how I figured out that it was govt orchestrated because the budget to have all of us targeted by mass quantity is HUGE. Helicopters, ambulances, law enforcement, doctors trying to admit us in these psyche wards, and your community(at least the ones who are the easiest to bribe-like my neighbors) . Look up “conspiracy theory-targeted individuals” on YouTube . Please place my name amongst the list of those targeted. God will not place anything in front of us we can’t handle. Believe! I love you all and keep fighting as I always will. With pain and humility
    Ducce Strong aka Numia Masina

    • mstmha

      Hi. Thank you for your comment.

      I truly understand what you are going through. It has been a long road for many of us as Targeted Individuals. Our stories are quite similar. I have been a Targeted Individual for well over seven years. When they start, it seems that they never start. No one deserves for their lives to be wasted to such a degree but those that do not have to undergo the torture (at least for right now), quite frankly do not care. Only when their roles change, will it even matter.

      They have herded us into a world where nothing makes any sense. Everything that was good is now bad, and everything that is bad is now good. We are, now, stuck in a Babylon times ten. It is utterly, ridiculous, yet, we are here. Surrounding us are the most irritable, non-deserving, sociopathic, schizophrenic, pathological liars, and beastly con-artists that you will ever meet. Who in HELL left the gate open?
      They are like roaches to mold. No matter how old it may be, they never go anywhere. It is their last supper before getting stomped on, so why should they?

      Everything that you described was identical to my own experiences but, unfortunately they have gone the extra mile with me. Thank goodness I am not the only one because, if I had never gone through it, even I would not have believed it.

      You mentioned that you live in San Francisco. You must be familiar with the Matt Barasch(TI) vs, Dr. Phil lawsuit. He is also enduring the San Francisco gang stalking program and is lending his expertise to TIs’.

      Anyway, you are in my prayers. I pray everyday that this hell will end. You were right in saying that being targeted is like an espionage book. I sometimes think of it as a Sci-Fi movie. My street theater was inclusive of the movies’ Polterguiest, Devil’s Advocate, and Why Did I Get Married all in one.

      May God Bless You and Yours. I will continue to pray for our freedom. Torture is not something that anyone deserves. Especially, the innocent.

      You can find my story at the following link (at least part of it, anyway)…

      *Frankly, I never would have believed that someone would ever have wanted to see me injured or dead this badly. But then again, we cannot control the mind of those who seek and obey the orders sought by the DEVIL.

      This is a game to them. Years of inconceivable pranks where our gang stalkers can rob us out of our entire lives. What they do is treason to the extreme. I truly believe that the finale to this will be a lot better than any ‘PRANK’ that they will ever come up with.

      Thanks for listening,
      Take care of yourself.

      • Numia

        Lol, this memorial weecend, in Lake Tahoe, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you. EVERYDAY, I try to face the music more and more versus the humiliation. A lot of the people who are part of the street theatre do not know my situation nor do they know of me being aware of the situation at hand. Well, after a few drinks, I’m more than relaxed. I’m ready for whatever. So I went into the mountains and was getting laughed at and comments from EVERYONE. I did good until the end. When I seen a bigger fellow than me, make a remark, I then told him,”I knocced out guys twice your size in prison, if u don’t believe me then step outside”! My wife started yelling at me to behave myself, lol. I am going to face the music from here on out. If only u knew the bullshit that awaits me:) my thing is this, my good friend: as long as they don’t touch or attempt to harm me or my family, I’ll play their childish game. BUT, if my family is in danger because of this orchestrated gang stalking, I will result to vigilante justice. I don’t need help or am I a man whom requires an abundance of assistance. I pray that other ti’s come out of hiding because hiding is not the answer. I enjoy the attention. Especially when I’m intoxicatingly belligerent. My best wishes. I love all those who are under attack. With respect,

      • mstmha

        That was too funny. We all know how they hate it when a TI attempts to take up for themselves. These perps would rather for us to lay down like a doormat and just keep taking the abuse that they are inflicting on us. But why should we? There is no award behind it so what would make feel that they can do whatever they want to do to anyone that they want to do it too? Does that even make any sense? Besides, this is America, where nothing is free, including violating someone else’s human rights. They’ll have to pay the piper, eventually. Nevertheless, we still have to find the humor in a bad situation.

        Good job and may God Bless you and yours.

      • Ducce Strong

        Good morning my good brother and fellow ti’s! I’m looking for friendly suggestions on building my white blood cells! See, I’m one of the few ti’s who will take matters into his own hands not cause Id like to but because I see no justice coming anytime soon. These perps find it a problem cause they would rather humiliate me and expect me to accept it, run and hide, or report “false” claims to look….. Dumb. I’m not having it! Since I’m a lil on the wild side, they’re not playing fair and decided to fry me inside out using microwave weapons and dew. The ALL-SEEING-EYE is set up by numerous participants of our community so the rf is coming from every direction. I’m still taking my vitamins and calcium pills to help sustain my health with a lil exercise and a lot of God. I’d like for you to post my comments where our fellow ti’s will be able to enjoy them as well. If you have any ideas for boosting white blood cells, pls enlighten me because I need to match the battle when competing with these cowards and their frontline toy soldiers. 🙂 love n respect to all ti’s “Strong”

        Sent from DucceStrong iPhone


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