Blacked In Darkness-Gang Stalking Tactics Done In The Dark

My personal, targeting experiences are real and people need to know that what has happened to me can happen to them. Be desolated and persecuted by those that you do and do not know is not an easy feat.


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Blacked In Darkness-Gang Stalking Tactics Done In The Dark
By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha

Many may not know this, but the world renowned Academy, Emmy, and Globe Globe award winning actress, Jane Fonda is also a Targeted Individual. She is a survivor of the surveillance program initiated by the NSA called Project Minaret and government harassment during the Vietnam Era. (See her bio at

Shockingly, she has even been smeared in a male restroom with words such as “Hanoi Jane – Still a Traitor” on a wall within the restroom of a Veterans of Foreign Wars facility. Most believe that the reason behind her targeting was not just because she was a political activist but because of a photograph that was taken of her sitting on a Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. That has been one of her biggest regrets.

Julienne McKinney, a former army intelligence officer who has made it…

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