Targeted Individuals 101- Survival Guide

Being Followed

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mstmha: *Although this article has many grammatical errors, I really believe that the writer is a true-to-life Targeted Individual. Our experiences have been almost identical. While reading it, I found that these psychopaths called Gang Stalkers (Cults ‘R’ Us) do not fall far away from their usual stalking programs.

(By the way, yes, I am guilty of the same . The mechanics of the English language sometimes escapes me while I am in the mist of being targeted. Whether it is through their very damaging electromagnetic attacks or just by their never-ending organized stalking using everyone that I do and do not know can be very distracting. I will also agree with the author in saying that sometimes those types of errors are done intentionally by our Perps. They are real ‘children’ at heart with too much time on their hands, obviously.

Targeted Individuals 101

A Survival Guide

Still, the information from this article can be very useful whether you are in the beginning or advanced stages of being targeted.

Survival Guide

George Orwell on his book 1984: Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.

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