The cult-like child rearing methods of the British ruling class (now available to ruling class children everywhere)

I cannot say how many times I have seen how this happens amongst the youth.

Living in Paranoid Times

In the sixties an interesting film was made called”If”. At a time when the humbler social classes were showing the astounding success of grammar school and single-sex secondary modern schools for girls, by accessing the top Universities in equal numbers to the elite children from public schools, where just two decades earlier most of these children only received primary education, “If” considered what might happen if ordinary children attended the elite public schools and learnt how the upper classes obtained and retained political and social dominance.

Alongside this there is also William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies” which suggested the end result of children being left to their own devices without adult supervision and control, a model for feral children.

It has often been noted that society’s feral children come mainly from two social groups. Moral degenerates at the bottom of society, not to be confused with the working class…

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