‘Obvious’ Gang Stalking Torture-When will it end?

It is obvious that my gang stalkers are still at work in my life. They are constantly watching and creating interference, especially, with my family members. Still, they walk around doing what they are told to do, knowing that I already have knowledge of what is being done to me. Gang stalkers definitely have balls. They try to remain hidden even though that is so not the case. You can see their devilishness in their eyes and their actions.

I want to share a scenario that may sound unbelievable, but, it is, indeed, the truth in my case.

A member of your family walks into a room in which you are present and slams their hand down on a chair. Immediately, you feel shocks throughout your body but you haven’t done anything to deserve such treatment. And, of course, you know that what is being done is illegal.

Obviously, gang stalkers do not mind being abusive, especially to women. It is quite sad, actually. Sometimes, it makes me wonder how these people treat their own mothers. Seemingly, they care about no one but themselves and how they can inflict pain on others. (Well, at least until they begin receiving the karmic effects of their wrong-doing. They would like to believe that when bad things start happening to them and their own families, that it has nothing to do with them.)

Anyway, (back to the story), while looking directly at me, their hand slams down on a chair, purposefully, and I immediately feel shocks throughout my body. (They can be very creative as to how they do this. I have discovered that they have many methods of electromagnetic torment.Including using appliances.)

As soon as I felt these ‘microwaves’, I spoke out.

I said to this person, “Stop doing that. Every time you guys slam your hands on something, I get shocks throughout my body.”

At first, they acted as if they were somewhat confused, but, still I went on to say, “I have children, too. I want to ‘live’ like everybody else.” (Meaning that I wanted to stay alive, too.)

Their response…

“I can see your point.” And that was it. No other questions were asked.

To make a long story short, they were not in denial of what they had done. It was simply, “I see your point.” Nothing else. This person had no care in the world that they were literally electrocuting me. It seemed to me that he knew what he was doing and did not care about the consequences. Folks, these are my surroundings as Targeted Individual. People have just stopped caring about everyone, including their families.
Unfortunately. my family is within a money struggle, so… as long as someone is paying, somebody will take the bait.

At this point, after my ‘microwaving’ (as they like to call it) I could only assume that he may have felt safe because it wasn’t him that had to go through so much torment and abuse. I am sure that he was told that he could “do whatever you want”. I am almost certain.

Gang stalkers are like sovereign citizens. They have no respect for anything or anybody who doesn’t have or harness the power to torture them, as well.

Gang Stalking is about power and money an it is all in the name of destroying our families (especially minorities).

How is it that and they are too slow to realize it or could it be that they don’t really care. Maybe their upbringing never required ‘decency’.

As a final note, I would like to say, as a true to life witness, that these people are sick and must be stopped but, still, the question remains…

Who is that person or group that will be brave enough to do it?

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