Barack Obama:
America’s COMMUNIST President

“Leaders will be held far more accountable by God, who will be judged for the lives they affect.”

America’s love for sin has made our nation weak, complacent and indifferent. This has been by design, by the Communists, who have engineered this mess…

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ms.tmha- As a person of color myself, I never would have expected a President who was also a ‘person of color’ would gear America towards a more ‘Communist’ state of being. Especially, a President of Color’ in which I, myself, voted for thinking that maybe, for once we would have an advantage over those ‘folks of other races’ for the first time.

I thought that maybe we would be put in position to fight for equality amongst, not only our peers, but of those who weren’t.

I imagined a world as our late Martin Luther King, Jr. suggested. A world where we could all have a dream with the opportunities of fulfillment. Why would I not when ‘Blacks’ have always been considered lesser than any other race? Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if you are mixed or have multiple bloodlines, if you have any black within you, you are pushed to a lower scale automatically.

Now, I will not say that every ‘Person of Color’ gets the s#!t end of the stick, but, if you weigh successful ‘others’ in comparison to those who are considered ‘People of Color’, then the ‘Blacks’ are, unfortunately, truly out-numbered.

To those who do not feel that patriotism matters. Those that felt that everything that Martin Luther King, Jr. died for didn’t matter. The truth is in those that uphold the Constitution of the United States with truth, honesty, and respect. Obviously, with our deteriorating social status, that no longer exists.

The TRUTH is in the ‘Build’ for those that are undeserving. You know, those that delve in Communism…

Within the NWO Communism system (especially directed towards for ‘BLACKS), we are displaced, slandered, disregarded, and tortured beyond imagination. But, as long as people do not see it, why does it matter, right? That is the case for them, anyway.

These Neanderthals try to steer us away from what we really belive in. The manipulations in order to get what they want is extreme.

As I have told my mother tonight, Jim Todd and Ron Gilbert of Danville, Virginia can pretty much ‘KISS IT’ because I know their true nature. I was there. And for those that do not know who they are, well, they were my previous employers.In my opinion, it was funny that the ‘New’ management for E-Toys Direct/ The Parent Company was whom I was working for when my ‘noticeable’ gang-stalking began.

By the way, they are not my only gang-stalkers.

I knew that I was under surveillance. They wanted me to know. The constant clicking while talking on the phone with someone else pretty much told the story for me. The sounds were definitely intentional. (Honestly, you would just have to be there to understand.)

They assumed that they were going to be stealing millions based on what they heard but, unfortunately for them, those millions did not exist. Did not steal enough from double charging the company? Or maybe it wasn’t them. But they were there.

The who, what, when, where, and how will have to come later…



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