My Personal Skin Symptoms As A Targeted Individual of Electromagnetic Weapons-mstmha

The ‘After’ of Being Microwaved by Electromagnetic Weapons or whatever it is that they feel may be convenient for their gang-stalkers in order to torture their victims…

Now, this picture reflects the results of the last two days as I have been, literally, almost shocked to death while trying to sleep. It was pretty obvious to me that they did not want me to be productive during my next working day. Or for any days for that matter. It is sad, but, in my mind, it is true based on my experiences. They would like nothing better than to see me as another unproductive BLACK woman.

My Two Day Torture Results
Electro 1

Most of my life, I have lived with almost perfect skin. At least, until they showed up with their new technology that will change your ‘almost perfect skin’ in a matter of minutes. And your almost perfect life into nothing short of a lit tin can in an alley.

Picture 008


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2 responses to “My Personal Skin Symptoms As A Targeted Individual of Electromagnetic Weapons-mstmha

  • Ruth Heinzelmann

    Hello from Germany. I am also TI. The good organization can heel this, if you get protection. I explain it on my homepage. My two sons and me lost our allergies and they heeled the scars they made into my face:

    • mstmha

      Who are the ‘good’organizations? I am surrounded by what seems to be Stasi-like defectants. I have already assumed that almost everyone that I have had any contact with, including family and those that I do not even know are being suckered into this Gang-stalking lifestyle as if it is the ‘last supper’. When someone doesn’t attempt to acknowledge that your pain and abuse may be real, then it is not really hard to figure out that they are participants in your gang-stalking among other signs. As far as I am concerned, everyone is a participant. It is very difficult to fathom so many people abusing you at one time but, yet, they are doing it. Such a punk move, in my opinion…

      So, when you mention good organizations, who are you referring to? It seems to me that the ‘good’ organizations may no longer exist. In my world, they have infected and zombied almost everyone and they are too afraid to fight back.

      I also am aware that they send members of their ‘teams’ to intercept whom they may consider to be a problem even though it they who has become the major problem…

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