Shocked By Scorn? My TI Experience Update for 1-24-2015

Myterious Universe

Last night was just one of my worse moments as being a Targeted Individual. I was, literally, shocked to what felt like almost death, over and over again. These gang stalking thugs microwaved my body as if I were some type of car battery that needed a jump. To our torturers, it seems that we are no longer human beings but toys that they can forever play with and manipulate.

Could it be be that someone is very ticked off at me at the moment? Have I said anything that they may have thought I shouldn’t have? Should I care? Really, I am asking….Should I?
Seeing that I do not have any gag orders in place, I will speak at will.

The more that I think about it, as much as they have done to tear apart my life, it would be a mistake to assume that I owe them anything.

One of the main reasons that I blog my experiences is so that, in the occurrence of my death, my targeting experience to be known as a possible cause. Coincidentally, AS I am writing this, I am constantly being needled to my head while in the home of a family member. They have spread their wiring to everyone in my family. I am going on three years in being targeted by their weapons and longer than that in being gang stalked.

By the way, they did not stop at just the back to back electric shocks. No…that wasn’t enough. They repeatedly moved my bottom jaw from side to side, as well as, and they wouldn’t keep their slimy hands off my person. They did this until well after one this morning. This is the usual story with most targets who have advanced in their many planned stages of targeting and harrassment.

It amazes me to know that these psychos have technology of this caliber and the only thing that they can think of to do with it is to bully people? Seriously? I wonder how many wars could have been won if their equipment were put in the ‘right’ hands and used for the ‘right’ reasons? With that type of ‘Invisible Man’ technology, would America have possibly have been safer even from our new-age’ terrorists?

Anyway, in continuance of my previous real-life horror story, I can honestly say that these cult-classic ‘COO COO’ puffs took me on a hell of ride in the noise arena. The only thing that I could hear all night long (outside of plastic bags being loudly balled, doors and dinnerware being slammed, and their electric charges bouncing off the wall) was the constant screaming of what sounded like the many voices that I thought I had left behind in Danville, Virginia. One voice actually sounded like the same African-American voice that almost always surrounded me in my harrassment. The very familiar voice that said that “We only like stupid B!$@&es.”

I am, now, almost truly positive that he was not speaking just for himself. It is quite obvious as I have seen and had run-ins with their female gang stalkers. I am, also, almost certain that the same goes for the women, as well.

I remember his voice sounding as if he were high and I do not think that it was marijuana. He knew that he and his fellow bullies were keeping me awake with their screaming and taunts that went on all night until I finally, from exhaustion, dozed off to sleep just to have to get up an hour or so later to go to work. (And, yes, just in case your wondering, my gang stalkers have already begun work-mobbing there, as well. They are throwing as many lies around as they possibly can. This will be job number four. These gang-stalking, work-mobbing criminals ‘without a cause’ are so pitiful .) The world is not going to stay in their bubble. I am almost sure of it but they refuse to believe that there is any other life outside of theirs. BIG MAN IS WATCHING!

I would really like to know where in the heck do they get their energy from where they can harass people with such hyperactivity all night long? Are they on crack for real? Nevermind, I think I know the answer to my own question. Crack does kill. Whether it is themselves or someone else, it definitely does, yes, we are surrounded by pestering drug addicts and drug dealers. This is one of the criminal types in gang-stalking, unfortunately.

Now, I guess my new question would…

Can they take what they dish out?


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