Take Their Money!!!


Targeted Individuals are at their wits-end in trying to figure out how we can free ourselves from the tortures that have overcome us in the so called Stasi-Wars that have consumed our lives for years and years.

As a Targeted Individual, I still see the hope in the country in which I was born (by no fault of mine). Believe it or not, freedom still comes at a cost, unfortunately, but can be proved by those gang stalkers who turned away from their crime syndicates just to be persecuted and by those targets whom never had any affiliation with these types of gangs, mobs, mafias, cults, etc. (or at least they thought).

The cost has come down to whether we live or die. It is too sad to be believable but it is truth.

It seems that, at one point, you are living an average life, but then as ‘luck may have it’, you are entrapped in a ‘bubble world’ not of your choosing. A world in which is unimaginable unless you actually experience it for yourself.

The lies, deceit, manipulation, bodily abuse, torment, etc., has that targets undergo has no reason, yet, it exists.

The Stasi- dramafications of our real world have manifested into an out-right criminal in-justification that has gone so out of control to be reasonably corrected… or has it?

The United States still has the power to topple the criminal activities’ that have been forced upon us for quite a few years. The types of activities that the public never knew existed… until now. (Belive me when I say…I had no idea.)

But how dowe as Americans’ and/or civilians elsewhere have the power to control the demons among us?

Obama once said that he would wait until those that terroize us…just guess… would eventually deplete their funding.
Why wait until everyone who matters is dead?

Why wait? Take it! These people have committed crimes of humanity. They have no qualms in taking what rightfully belongs to us. They have congregated conspiracies unknown to anyone in American history and abroad with their transhumanistic-gang-stalking programs. Why not take from them what they have taken from us?

Some of us never had a lot, some of us had more than we could ever wish for but the fact of the matter is that no one has the right to tell you what you should and should not have. And no one should have the right to take away what you have worked for to obtain. These people are not GOD!

Where are the fines to those that they know have committed the most outrageous crimes known to man? Where is the capital punishment for destroying, not just one life, but many in their quest for money, power, and no respect? Our problems are, simply put, very fixable but when will the cowards of our government begin to really comprehend? When their own life starts to disappear?

Two wrongs do not make a right but in the public view, the ‘RIGHT’ really does matter’.

I am not a politician, government official, spy, or anything of that nature but the solution to ending our torment, to me, seems so simple…


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