The Devil In Me? Possibly…

The following is just another non-elaborate account of my gang stalking experience…

From a man who pretended to be concerned…

He writes on Dec 18, 2014…

It has been awhile. I thought about you on your bday. I see you made it back to GA. Tell the kids I said hello

My response…

Thank you for that. I will let them know.

He replies on 12/17/14 9:45 PM

I hope you are doing well also. I miss our conversation. If you still have the number call so we can catch up.

To some. this conversation wouldn’t have been such a big deal. To myself, it reminded me of the gang stalking tactics that I have become accustomed to for so many years. Especially by him.

To make a long story short, this assumable gentleman was an Army retiree with a very cunning network of associates. Honestly, within the five years that we were ‘friends’, I can say truly say that we shared a lot of experiences with one another. Some were real, some were not. Still, we, and our families’ spent a lot of time together  (even though we were not in a committed relationship).

This man was that had major presence in my life became a gang stalker. The man that wrote those messages was nothing more than an informant for not only his but other gang stalking families that needed any information that they could obtain to destroy my life and my family. By any means necessary. These families, it seems, want to be be the only families of any importance left in existence. Anyone else does not matter. (This is only based on my own experience.)

Why would I publish this conversation you ask? Well, the reason is that he is one of my gang stalkers. For a man to be so doting and cooperative on and off for almost five years eventually turns into one of the most devilish, fake persons in your life as if by overnight says a lot as to my current circumstance. I remember calling him in the early hours of the morning to ask him what did they want because of the fact that I was getting so much noise disturbance from these ‘gang stalkers’ and based on our changing relationship, I knew he knew something about it. What he said to me threw me for a loop.

“I can’t help you with this…” and then he laughed at me as if it were funny. Does that sound as if he did not know what was going on?

Now, I have not seen him since our court hearing. Yes, you heard me right. I filed battery charges against him previously. He took me by my throat and pushed me down two flights of stairs because he was caught in a lie. That is not the beginning and it was certainly not the end. He pretended to be at work for the weekend and was not. As a matter of fact, he was with with another woman from California. Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.

To make a long story short, I ended up receiving many bruises on my person. Some of which I did not even know about until they were pointed out to me by a co-worker who refused to help in my defense if it came down to actually going into a courtroom . Obviously, to me, this co-worker was a gang stalker, as well, and was possibly aiding in the cover-up.


As I was saying before, I received these messages but… it was the last one that I found most disturbing…

It stated…

I hope you are doing well also. I miss our conversation. If you still have the number call so we can catch up.

Was it from him? Or could it have been from his possible wife/girlfriend/friend-with-benefits, etc? Should I care? Not really.

My response…

January 7, 2015 6:37 PM

I’m sorry. Let me get this straight. You hooked up with a gang of pea-brained, yapping-ass gang stalkers and aided and abetted in destroying my life. Obviously you all had plenty to talk about yet you miss my conversation? Is this a joke? Aren’t you tired of being a wannabe-stasi informant for no reason what-so-ever outside of just being trifling as hell? Does it upset you and your ‘honey traps’ that I am not entirely dead yet? Have they not done enough, yet, to destroy my life after all of these years? You people are sick.

“This is not a revolving door…”… Remember?

In my opinion, that is all that I need to say.

Was it mean? I don’t think so. My head has been lasered, my body has been mutilated, poisoned, and taken through a ringer, and my family destroyed, still, I am here to continue to fight their un-necessary, insecurity battles. In my opinion, I have truly said all that I need to say.


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