What makes gang stalkers feel that their lives are more important than the lives that they are destroying? Forcible assassination through suicide is nothing short of murder so… what is it that pushes them to the ultimate sins of conspiracy to commit their crimes, not to exclude, attempted murder to innocent victims?

Is it the wide eye appeal of inheritances, fake insurance policies, property, child support, personal vendetta, etc…

What is it? Every victim would like to know why they are being targeted but who is it that has the ‘real’ answers? Who is it that harbors our undisclosed information?


My Personal Experience…again… (Tiffany Hood-Acolatse aka mstmha)

Everyday I try. I try to put the gang stalking behind me but they refuse to release me from the unnecessary drama. Fortunately, I eventually found a part-time, seasonal job (after being out of work for a year) but still they have cornered me.

There is not a day where I can go to work peacefully. These psychopaths are consistently probing deeply in my head at any given moment with their weapons ‘while I am working’ (I can’t catch a break.)

As a matter of fact, I cannot go a day without these lunatics batting their hands or pointing their fingers. (Obviously, their mothers’ never taught them how not to point their fingers at people.)

It seems that these controllers are still using the bodies of others as remote controls. I say this because, as I have noticed, as soon as they point their fingers or throw out an arm, I begin to feel the deep probing in my head or in my body and it can be very painful. One of my managers watched me today as I touched my head and OW’ed in her face but never did she ask any questions as to why I was doing it. Did she know what was going on? Frankly, I believe that she did. The gang stalkers had already infiltrated. There is no telling what lies were told. Of course they would make sure that I may not hear about it.

At work, I am still constantly gang stalked but, for what, I have no idea. I have come to the conclusion that retaliation for my ex-husband may not be the ultimate goal. I am being targeted too hard and too much. In my heart, I know that he is not that important of a figure in society. Could it be a racial decision?

The only thing that I ever wanted was to feel secure within my children’s and my own future. I was rebuilding ans saving on my own until even that was almost totally destroyed. So, with a dream like that, how is it that I am now just glutton for all out punishment? I was not bothering anybody. I am not a ride or die criminal. And I refused to find comfort in their cons. So what was it?

At least seven years of gang stalking and two years of their weapons and, unfortunately, I am still counting. Talk about obsessive, yet, what will they do if their targets never committed suicide?

Furthermore, I do not want to spend the rest of my life surrounded and/or boxed in by the ghetto fabulous. Those persons that I have minimal or nothing to do with and, obviously, do not care to have a relationship with. So, what should I do? It is unfortunate, but I really had different ideas of what was to become of my family.

Believe me when I say that my ideas’ of a perfect family had nothing to do with gang stalking, cults, clans, mobs, mafia, gangs, etc…


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