“Haunted In Morocco” By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse


Haunted In Morocco

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse

*Third Place Winner of the Eber and Wein Publishing 2014 National Amateur Poetry Competition

In Aourir, shameful, I await.

Haunted by candid visions

Of you in my wake.

The darkened, cascade of mountains, as you,

Sees and breathes our past unity;

And I cringe that you will appear here, again, before me.

Last night, I wanted to dance

To the sounds of my American beats.

But they were not as sweet as your Moroccan melodies.

I was without you at the heady souk today.

Seeking the scents and pleasures of you,

Once aimed to abandon, but now faced.

The hijab contouring the cocoa-lining of my face,

Cannot hide my intensive pain

In knowing that I am insane for loving you.

Is there no genie in a bottle that can explain,

That what I feel inside, for you, has not a name?

I will wait by the Atlantic, in Aourir.

Or meet you back in mystic Agadir

Because I am pained that I had to leave.

aourir 009r2_1

(Souk in Aourir-Photo Credit: www.immobilier-agadir-ananda.com )


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