Why do gang stalkers use innocent members of the public as bait? The perfect fall guys?

Good points. Still suffering within the bubble of gang stalking allows me to relate in absolution to what this blog is implicating. I have found that those that have targeted my person over the years, especially during the beginning, were, somehow imposing on me because of extreme jealously. I have no idea what planet these people come from but I am now self-assured that wherever it may have been… they were not use to much. Anything that had anything to do with my family or romantic (and some not so) personal relationships were stripped from me. In some cases, they would even go to the extreme of trying to make me jealous by throwing people in my face that I did not even know and some that I really did not care to know any longer.
These demonic, non-humans have even gone to the extreme of depleting my life monetarily and are still working on me physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is obvious that, to them, they haven’t done enough to destroy my life so they continuously keep at tearing apart whatever remnants that are left of my natural self, bit by bit. My physical looks are not as unattractive as they would like so they continuously use ‘microwaves’ and electric shock on my person. I may not be as broke as they want me to be, so they tear away any opportunity that may benefit me financially. My mind is still focused on the glory of being a child of God, so they attempt to break me down continuously making me a victim to their heinous crimes as if God and His Son never existed and they will never receive punishment. Get my drift?
Gang stalking and perping, frankly, is all about money. They make money by scamming their targets while doing a favor to a friend or a paying customer in need of a hit-man, so to speak.
Wouldn’t the old saying, “Killing two birds with one stone” be somewhat of a national anthem for those within their national crime syndicate?  But, sorry to say that in a target’s case, ‘the birds’ are many…
The saga never ends…

It seems that they won’t give up until you hang yourself by a noose. Why would they want actual blood on their hands if they didn’t have to. Technology and murder go hand-in-hand, especially when no one can see the abuse.

Secret Stalking Cult

Discussions about gang stalking revolve endlessly around the question who is doing it.

Some suggest mafia-type gangsters. Others the state espionage agencies. And others, criminal elements in the police.

The Target, the gang stalker’s bait, is an innocent member of the public. Working class, most often a woman, a gay man or member of an ethnic group.

The gang stalk recruiters use this person as bait to recruit other innocent members of the public, with the slander that that person is a serious, morally depraved criminal a terrorist/drug dealer or addict/prostitute/insane/paedophile. Members of the public, fearful of this dangerous person in their community gladly cooperate to practice surveillance and harassment of the target.  They do not realise they have been inducted into a cult where they will be subjected to thought reform, enslaved, and leached of all they possess.

The bait, not only a target, becomes the scapegoat for the…

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One response to “Why do gang stalkers use innocent members of the public as bait? The perfect fall guys?

  • prayerwarriorpsychicnot

    I think it’s the same old – all societies have always had groups they could freely abuse and exploit, and all with a class of women at the bottom of the heap. The new variation is the creeps using us to exploit others. Divided and rule – again.

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