Now Tell Us How You Really Feel!!! -Part 2, By mstmha

american-violet-poster-970499556 American Violet-The Movie American Violet is a 2008 drama film directed by Tim Disney and starring Nicole Beharie. The story is based on Regina Kelly, a victim of Texas police drug enforcement tactics. This blog entry is just another short expose of a movie in which I had to share. It had a very strong racial messages that I had to, once again, acknowledge. It could make a blind man cry. In the movie, American Violet, David Cohen, a lawyer representing ACLU, impressively and effectively showcased the discrimination and domination of our world in ‘black’ in which looms nothing short of the ‘horrors of the shade’. The movie’s depiction of how people of color, in Texas, were treated was absolutely appalling, yet, truthful.  Even today, the horrors that we face within our own black communities has not changed. It is as if the fight for our freedom has simply died amongst our own people. The movie, based on a true story, was a definite eye-opener for what was and still is a major issue amongst a world of purging idiots.  It is a movie that I would definitely recommend if you still care about truth and justice. movie 007 Scripting from the movie… David Cohen: My associate Byron Hill and I appreciate your inviting us here tonight. What is happening in Melody is happening all over the country. Drug task forces use military tactics to terrorize poor people. And drugs laws selectively target people of color. Meanwhile, federal money goes to the counties that convict the most people. And plea bargains are aggressively pushed to hasten those convictions. David Cohen: Now, can anyone guess what percentage of criminal cases in our country are settled by plea bargains? David Cohen: Just guess. David Cohen: How many folks never see a jury of their peers? David Cohen: 95 percent. For most people, the penalties of not taking a plea are so frightening that even if they are innocent, their taking the plea. ———————————————————————————————————————— movie 009 David Cohen: Texas law says that a grand jury can indict them on the word of a single informant. The Reverend: So all I have to do is accuse you? David Cohen: Then I can be indicted and arrested and I am told to take the plea or else. (mstmha: Blackmail?) The Reverend: Then this system is an abomination. Poor black folks are easy tickets. —————————————————————————————————————————- movie 011 Starting at Frame 1:31:28: “Who better to convict than the lazy ass niggers.” Starting at Frame 1:32:30: “Make the nigger cockroaches burn.” (mstmha: I took that last comment very literally due to the fact that, as part of my targeting (as a Targeted Individual), someone had no qualms in watching me scream when lasering my head while I was driving in my vehicle back in Virginia. Thanks for sharing.) *For Part I of “Now Tell Us How You Really Feel-Part 2”,  visit the following link… Now Tell Us How You Really Feel —————————————————————————————————————————-


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5 responses to “Now Tell Us How You Really Feel!!! -Part 2, By mstmha

  • prayerwarriorpsychicnot

    I am starting to suspect that there has always been a war against the poor and low status, and the arms of authority have always looked to this group to cover their ass, in providing scapegoats and a “look, we are doing our job”.

  • mstmha

    It seems that you may be right. The facades are very real and the games have become so universal that they are affecting everyone, not just people of various colors. But may I ask, why is it that they allowed our schools and the media to rear us in one direction just to tear away anything worth doing and/or having from individuals who may not have harmed anyone?

    In my opinion, the wonderful relates to how our societies use to be. The society in which we ‘all’ had something to look forward to. Our families are just as important as those at the top of the ladder. If it weren’t for the population, there would be no Bilderbergers, Committees of 300, or anything else of the like. There would not be any real need for ivy league schools, five star hotels, etc. They would also have no need to hate on anyone because there would be no one around. So why bite the hands that feed them now?

    Is it possible that these psychotic elitest want to be the only ones left in existence along with the cons that they created? How many of these government-made neanderthals truly believe that they will all be sharing the same bunkers with a bunch of million, billion, and trillionaires if a major natural disaster actually happened? Are they expecting prior notification while they run around gang stalking their own people? These cons couldn’t possibly believe that.

    And another thing, what is it about our various states of color that force those that control our society to look at us with such vicious intent? What the hell did we really do them that deserves such extremities?

    None of this makes any real sense. They need to experience it for themselves and Become their own victims.

  • prayerwarriorpsychicnot

    I think the issue is class not race. People at the bottom of the heap in all-black societies and all-white societies, always women, get persecuted. But racism is classism on steroids.
    Answering the question why the exploiters hate the exploited may be solving the cognitive dissonance issue. Hating your victim justifies exploiting/attacking them. Enables you to feel good about yourself while doing it. It’s the kind of justification criminals make to themselves – if he hadn’t been so stupid he wouldn’t have been robbed. All tied up with people with superiority complexes, who get-off on ego-tripping, and proving their “superiority” by doing others down.
    The elite think they will get into their life-boats when the ship goes down. They are self-deluding, as per usual. This time there aren’t any lifeboats. But if there were, they will have made their own hell. There might be justice after all.

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