Raped To The First Degree

Love and Rape

*This poem is a work in progress. It is not one of my most professional works but I, daresay, had to share.  After consistently being followed by multitudes of women for years whom I can only assume are always following me due to their awareness that I am a Targeted Individual who is constantly being watched, it is now my concern that they are either trying to catch a man or entrap a meal ticket. I soon found, after another pitiful experience today, that I had no choice but to speak just a portion of my mind in regards to the desperateness of women. Obviously, they know that I am being watched and they are taking full-fledge advantage. Betcha bite, not just a ‘cookie’, but a pimp!

What is a woman’s real worth if she can’t catch a man on her own?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my rather elementary poem! Any opinions are more than welcome!

Raped To The First Degree

By Tiffany Hood-Acolatse



You want me to smile

While you poke, poke, polka

In my head.

Dancing around me

As if you have nothing

Better to do

Than to gank someone’s bread.

You want me to insanely crack

As you pride

In knifing me

In my back.

You don’t know

That I know.

My bad.

Honey, you chose the wrong rack.

What man do you want

To lure

As you stalk behind me

With greed, sweetie?

Is he the shining Adonis

That you may

Have always

Dreamed him to be?

Emotionally distraught,

I have been raped

Of my family

To no appease.

And you think

That you are important

While you cluelessly

Continue to track me?

He doesn’t want you,

And believe me, boo,

In my mind

I am not jealous.

The men you want

Are advocates of the Devil.


In overzealous.

Do you think that

Your gang stalking men

Want to bring

A smile to my face?

Or are you just that girl

Who doesn’t care

As long as you are

There for the take?

Almost seven years

Of baiting

Which seemingly

Comes to no end.

Is he the Dr. Suess

That you hoped

Him to be

In your game of play and pretend?

Your coochie

Is doing the hoochie.

Boo boo…

Don’t you see?

I am not the woman

That you have faked.

That woman

With no dreams.

Your obsessiveness

Does not

Fit my profile.

This is a fact.

A man cannot entice

If his personality

Like yours,

Is jacked!

Loving me for me

Is all that

My life

Will ever be.

Loving he for he

Or she for she

Leads to nothing

But appalling deceit.

Get some self-esteem

And, honey trap,


Stop using me.

My life was already blacked.

And the words

You speak,

You cannot preach.

Just leave me

And mine alone.

I have been raped

To the first degree.

Believe me, Ms. Stink,

When I say…

You don’t want to go head to head

In the mainstream.

Your rags to riches

You can have.

And your wedding is all

That it will ever be.


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