Cointelpro News (2014)


Cointelpro News (2014)

COINTELPRO News (2016)


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…it’s important to realize that if the NSA thought some of their targets were plainly illegally selected, it’s highly unlikely they’d put it down on paper…

Question: Considering the US Government has a history of attacking dissidents like Martin Luther King Jr, communists and anarchists, do you believe that innocent people are in jail because of ideologically motivated NSA intelligence laundering?

Glenn Greenwald: Let me put it this way: while we do not have all the information about everything the NSA and related agencies have done, one of the big benefits of being able to publish what we do have is that it lets lawsuits be commenced, investigations proceed, and opens cracks in previously opaque walls of secrecy. Almost every one of our stories has led to other related revelations it’s like a ball of yarn: you have to keep tugging and eventually the whole thing unravels.


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COINTELPRO News (2016)





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