The ‘What If’ in Gang Stalking

The Twilight Zone

The ‘What If’ in Gang Stalking

By mstmha

I read an article today that took me off guard. The reason was because it was almost a national anthem to how I really felt about what is going on in the NWO and I admit that I assumed that I was, possibly, the only one that thought on that wavelength. The good news is that I am not the only one and it all began to make perfect sense. So much that I now feel the need to write a short story or novel about it. Or maybe I should really try my hand at screenwriting. It would put the movie, The Game, with Michael Douglas, to sleep. To be continued…

The blog entry that I am speaking of was entitled, ‘Persecution by proxy. Dealing with aggravation.’ It was simply beautiful in its perspective of what could possibly be done in our fight against total government control and dictatorship.
You can find the original entry at:

My favorites main points from this article are as follows:

-Your frustration boils over in that there is no way to retaliate against your persecutors.
-As a gang stalking target your interests are being attacked, presumably to create an advantage for someone, somewhere else.
-…there is no point in retaliating against the puppets hurting you. Puppets are disposable to the controllers. They are easily replaced. So how can you effectively counter attack? (Although there are ways.)
-The people attacking you are alive, in the real world, and as such can be hurt.
-A key part of the gang stalking con is recruitment. The recruiter armed with the lies about the target bait presents as having high social status and representing legal authority. High social class people protect other members of their class above everything. Spies and police protect high class people as a priority. (This is so true.)
-They [gang stalkers and their crime syndicates] deserve to be viewed and treated as the criminals they are.
-Withdraw support. Withdraw respect and deference to the higher social classes. Adopt the attitude that they are criminal class and treat them with that consciousness uppermost in your mind. Try to not support transnational firms but support local firms instead. Try and divert your money and work away from service to your “superiors”. Look for every opportunity to expose their crimes, immorality and disreputable behaviour. (Bingo!)
-Just as they seek to use every means of damaging and destroying your interests, do the same to them.(Halleluah!)
-Just because you can’t win doesn’t mean they can’t lose. If the majority of people in society withdrew their support of the ruling elite and consciously and deliberately worked to sabotage them at every point, they would fall and their gang stalking protectors would fail and be discredited .
-There are no leaders without followers.
-Treat them according to their own values. It is what they deserve.

Now wasn’t that simply beautiful! (You should read my comment. 🙂 )

We have lived in one damnation after another. The demon’s guild is like a neverending story. We have no escape from them and that is exactly what they want and how they have structured our ‘New World’.

Even Donald Trump suggested that we escape from the herd-mind, but even in that, it wasn’t enough!  Today, it is the herd that is aiding in leading their own people astray. Some of which they have never known in any way, shape, or form. They have been programmed to just do without any thought to the consequences of their actions.

It is almost as if people have forgotten what a free world actually feels like. How can that be? Well, to answer my own question, there are some that may have never experienced the free world at all. Some of these families have actually been a part of this programming all of their lives, so they really, honestly, truly do not know. It is incredible. Then there are those that were involved due to the need of being accepted because their lives may not have gone in the direction that they wanted it to go. There is also the possiblity that they were blackmailed or simply paid for their efforts. I know, that to some, our bludgeonings may seem like there being conjured from scenes of a movie but I promise you that it is not. Targeted Individuals are living in the real world and that is where they fight. We have no nevermind to what is going on in a gang stalker’s lala land. The street theatres or ‘live sets’, the scripting, the harrassment, the torture, the gaslighting, the falsifications within and out of the judicial system, etc. do not prevent us from knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Believe me when I say that gang stalkers are not that convincing when it comes down to trying to convince us of how we live our own personal lives. How can they convince you (of all people) of things pertaining to your own life, when you were the one who was there? You lived it, yet, they will lie to you as if they were there the whole time. I get it all the time. They know what is the truth but it is their job to hide it. Whose watching, I wonder?

Anyway, gang stalking is quite the retard program, in my opinion. It is not right and nor should it be accepted but, yet, it is..

In closing, the author of the blog previously mentioned was right……….They deserve to be viewed and treated as the criminals they are.

What if those that ran these programs had a taste of their own medicine?

What if they eventually had their own bank accounts emptied?

What if they could not shop or live as lavishly as they are prone to living?

What if they had their own families stripped away from them? Would they even care?

What if they could not receive the medical care that they deserved?

What if they had no credit outside of bad credit?

What if they could not feed their own children?

What if we were to punish them as they punish us; even though we know that, that is not the Godly way?

What if they were tortured in their homes as they torture us?

What if we turned our noses up at them as they do to us?

What if we also forgot where we came from?

What if their own families and/or friends pushed them towards suicide?

What if there was no escape from our entrapment?

What if they could not pay the fees that are required within their brotherhoods? (I had to add that.)

What if they could never live their own lifestyles again?

What if their continuous lies were not enough?

What if the lives they lived were ours? (Could they, would they eat green eggs and ham?)

Would they dare enter the Twilight Zone?

What if?


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2 responses to “The ‘What If’ in Gang Stalking

  • prayerwarriorpsychicnot

    Thanks Mstmha for the link and kind words. We are free people and must remain free. Off subject – have you read the book “Defiance” by Nechama Tec. There is also a film of the same name. It is the true story of the Bielski brothers, Belarusian Jews who took to the forest and survived the Nazi holocaust. They survived, protected as many of their people as they could find, learnt how to fight back, and struggled to maintain their values and not become their enemy. It is amazing. 🙂

  • mstmha

    You are quite welcome. You are a very talented and moving writer.
    To answer your question, no, I haven’t read the book or seen the movie; but I will definitely have to add it to my to do list. Thanks for the heads up!

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