Ramblings of a Targeted Individual- Update on My Situation- By Sharon R. Poet

Sharon Poet

Ramblings of a Targeted Individual

Update on My Situation

By Sharon R. Poet


I am one of many “Targeted Individuals” who are struggling to survive while exposing criminal use of satellite surveillance systems and other radio wave transmitters, as well as lethal effects of localized covert harassment programs. My writings are sometimes altered or erased by those who target me. And sometimes I make my own mistakes, especially when being microwaved. So please look past the bloops. Find more up-to-date information on http://www.targetedinamerica.com

My situation remains extremely difficult. Those who target me have been sabotaging my work and other jobs, since around 1999. I have been doing the best I can to keep up some of my writings. However, my computers appear to be infiltrated. I do not even know if my books are remaining as I wrote them – I recently found an important statement missing from my “Targeted in America” book. I can not comb through my books, or ad to them, without the concern of changes being made by perpetration. I’ve been being so heavily hit, with microwave, laser and psychotronic weapons, each time I aim to do a batch of serious writing, that my work is forced into rushed unfinished projects that are also filled with too many of my own mistakes and important statements suddenly forgotten and not included…etc. My files and pictures for the Heart Bud appear to have been being tampered with – some files “corrupted” and no longer even openable.


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