Persecution by proxy. Dealing with aggravation.

I absolutely love the way you put this and I agree 200%!
Why not test those with the money and the power to be legally, yet illegally, disorderly. Those that choose to disrupt our ‘hard work for nothing’. lives.
Maybe one day they will check their own bank accounts and find zero dollars. Oh my goodness! However would they get to work if they cannot buy something as simple as gas.
Maybe one day they will be waiting for a valet (at their favorite five star restaurant) to pull up in their Bentley but, instead, they roll up in a Ford Pinto. It could be possible that their Yachts may, one day, turn into a lowly, sinking canoe.
Could it be that inevitably, their ‘Black’ cards could one day be denied?
Could it happen that one day they will wonder how their own elaborate homes have somehow been transformed into one bedrooms in the projects while fending for a family of five? How could they feed them all with zero dollars, I wonder?
Maybe it would serve them right to go through the same things that they choose to be so fitting for us.
If the rich were stealing from only the rich then that would appease my understanding more of why they are so cruel. But to take away from those who were already struggling to make ends meet is just another extreme adversement of how pitiful those that rule our lives really are. To them, our lives are nothing more than a game to play in their boredom.
We are simply here for their enjoyment; but what if the tables were turned as you say. How would they feel? Would they cry? Who could they turn to.
I hope, for their sake, that they do not feel that invincible, whereas, they believe that their own lives will never go topsy-turvy.
Never say never because in God’s world, never cannot be agreed upon.
Anything is possible.

Secret Stalking Cult

Reading gang stalking sites it is clear how distressing the organised community harassment is. Not only damaging, but the surround-sound orchestrated bullying causes a lot of grief and anger.

Your frustration boils over in that there is no way to retaliate against your persecutors. The people dealing directly with you are dupes, puppets, slaves. They have no choice. The puppet masters pulling the strings are safely at a distance and hidden from view.

And it is a feature of human design, a bad one in my view, that such destructive emotions, denied an outlet, one way or another turn inward and damage you.

Years ago I came across a peculiar saying from the ancient Greeks. “Attack whom the gods love”. It anchored itself in my mind and it took me years to decide to my own satisfaction what the saying meant. Eventually I decided the Greeks were saying the gods…

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