Honey Traps: Intelligence business is the oldest profession….

A scheme as old as time itself, I am sure.
From the article…
“Using women for intelligence purposes is not a recent tactic. Honey traps, also called “honey pots,” have been a favorite spying tactic as long as sex and espionage have existed—in other words, forever.”
“The classic honey trap is seduction to extract secrets.”
“Honey trapping often leads to blackmail—…”

The Passive Voices

In this Information Age, finding sensitive information is no more a daunting challenge.  The social media has solved so many problems and removed many traditional barriers. The militants fighting the occupations forces in Afghanistan have discovered a novel way, a different kind of honey trap, to get the precious information about the location of NATO soldiers in Afghanistan. They use fake identities of women, with photographs to make it look real, to lure the soldiers into friendship through sites like Facebook. According to The Telegraph, Australian soldiers are now being given briefings before they deploy to Afghanistan to warn of the risk of fake profiles being used to collect information. Soldiers also risk betraying sensitive information by posting pictures or updates tagged with their location, according to the federal government review of social media use in the armed forces. The review, reported by Australia’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper…

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