DHS-funded Consortium Warns Sovereign Citizens Number One Domestic Terror Threat FBI tops list as number one instigator of terror threats

DHS-funded Consortium Warns Sovereign Citizens Number One Domestic Terror Threat
FBI tops list as number one instigator of terror threats

by Kurt Nimmo | Infowars.com | August 4, 2014

From the article…

According to a report by issued by START last month, “sovereign citizens were the top concern of law sovereign enforcement” and ranked ahead of neo-Nazis, the KKK, the patriot movement, and other “idiosyncratic sectarians,” including survivalists, all who allegedly pose a threat to the police and the state according to a survey conducted by the Homeland Security funded organization.

mstmha: Sovereign Citizens are a loose grouping of American litigants, commentators, tax protesters and financial scheme promoters.

The position of Sovereign Citizens:
-They are answerable only to their particular interpretation of the common law

-” are not subject to any statutes or proceedings at the federal, state, or municipal levels

-” do not recognize U.S. currency

-” believe they are “free of any legal constraints

-” reject most forms of taxation as illegitimate

-” oppose “federal citizens” who, they say, have unknowingly forfeited their rights by accepting some aspect of federal law

-” believe that the U.S. Government is illegitimate

-” are anti-government extremism

-” believe that the County Sheriff is the most powerful law enforcement officer in the country, with authority superior to that of any federal agent, elected official, or local law-enforcement

-The United States FBI classifies some sovereign citizens as a domestic terrorist movement

-2014 report by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism stated that a survey of law enforcement officials and agencies across the United States concluded that this movement was the single greatest threat to their communities, now ranking above Islamic terrorists and jihadists.

-The concept of a sovereign citizen originated in the Posse Comitatus movement as a teaching of Christian Identity minister William P. Gale.

-The concept has influenced the tax protester movement, the Christian Patriot movement, and the redemption movement—the last of which claims that the U.S. government uses its citizens as collateral against foreign debt.

what is truth
mstmha: The Redemption Movement-The redemption movement consists of supporters of an American conspiracy theory.[1] Redemption theory involves claims that when the U.S. government abandoned the gold standard in 1933, it pledged its citizens as collateral so that it could borrow money. Other theories claim this happened in 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve System. The movement also asserts that common citizens can gain access to funds in secret accounts using obscure procedures and regulations.

According to the theory, the government created a fictitious person (or “straw man”) corresponding to each newborn citizen with bank accounts initially holding $630,000. The theory further holds that through obscure procedures under the Uniform Commercial Code, a citizen can “reclaim” the straw man and write checks against its accounts.[2]

How true the redemption movement is, I do not know.

See more about sovereign citizens at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovereign_Citizen_Movement

See more about the redemption movement at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redemption_movement


More excerpts from the article…
DHS-funded Consortium Warns Sovereign Citizens Number One Domestic Terror Threat
FBI tops list as number one instigator of terror threats

“The 2013-14 study results show that law enforcement’s top concern is sovereign citizens. Although Islamic extremists remain a major concern for law enforcement, they are no longer their top concern,” the START report states. According to the organization, threats posed by sovereign citizens include cyberterrorism, the use of explosive devices, military weapons, and biological, chemical and radiological weapons.

The report recommends state and federal law enforcement share intelligence data on targeted groups, develop “tactical responses” to threats and “act on that information to prevent or mitigate threats.”

“The FBI considers sovereign-citizen extremists as comprising a domestic terrorist movement, which, scattered across the United States, has existed for decades, with well-known members, such as Terry Nichols, who helped plan the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, bombing,” an FBI law enforcement bulletin issued in September, 2011, states.

The government “targeted people who do not appear to have been involved in terrorist plotting or financing at the time the government began to investigate them. And many of the cases involve due process violations and abusive conditions of confinement that have resulted in excessively long prison sentences,” Human Rights Watch reported last month.

Read the article in full…


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