Stasi and Gang Stalking Similarities. Coincidence?



It seems that the Stasi and the programs of Gang Stalking have much in common. Below, I have listed some of which has made up the Stasi program from the past. It was amazing to find that the Stasi’s agenda from past history has been mirrored in the lives of today’s Targeted Individuals who suffer the terroristic threat of gang stalking. Is it really a coincidence that they both seem as if they are one and the same?

Note: *Anything read below in regards to the Stasi is an almost exact epitomy of the Gang Stalking program of today.

See for more detailed information on the programs of the Stasi.

The Stasi, as follows:

1. Spied on the population,
mainly through a vast
network of citizens
turned informants

2. Used overt and covert methods of attack

3. Used psychological warfare/psychological destruction of their dissidents

4. Espionage

5. Surveillance of mail and telephone communications

6. Analyzed garbage

7. Sabotaged

8. Used armed forces

9. Operated in all foreign countries

10.Surveillance of foreigners

11.Coordinated its work with Soviet Intelligence Agencies

12.The Stasi trained and/or helped build secret police for others including Ethiopia, Cuba, Egypt, People’s Republic of Angola, the People’s Republic of Mozambique, and the People’s Republic of Yemen (South Yemen), Syria, etc.

13.Operated its own penal system which comprised of prison camps for political, as opposed to, criminal offenders

14.Less mentally and academically-endowed candidates were made ordinary soldiers/agents

15.Infiltration of the residential areas, schools, universities, and hospitals of their victims. Reporting of victim visitations, including all family and friends.

16.Privacy Invasion-Drilled holes in apartments and hotel rooms and filmed citizens with special video cameras

17.Formal categorizations of victims

18.Informants were made to feel important, given material or social incentives, and were imbued with a sense of adventure, and only around 7.7%, according to official figures, were coerced into cooperating. They frequently employed the use of blackmail. In some cases, spouses spied on one another.

19.Gas lighting/Psychological Harassment/Zersetzung
*Zersetzung generally involved the disruption of the victim’s private or family life. This often included psychological attacks such as breaking into homes and messing with the contents – moving furniture, altering the timing of an alarm, removing pictures from walls or replacing one variety of tea with another. Other practices included property damage, sabotage of cars, purposely incorrect medical treatment, smear campaigns including sending falsified compromising photos or documents to the victim’s family, denunciation, provocation, psychological warfare, psychological subversion, wiretapping, bugging, mysterious phone calls or unnecessary deliveries, even including sending a vibrator to a target’s wife.

20.Arrest and Torture


22.They operated brothels. Also, agents were used against both men and women working in Western governments. “Entrapment” was used against married men and homosexuals.

23.Sent sleeper agents to other countries (namely the West)

24.The Stasi channeled large amounts of money to Neo-Nazi groups in West, with the purpose of discrediting the West.

25.Used armed weapons

26.Assassinated using death squads, kidnapped, poisoned victims, etc.

27.Assisted in the cover-up of traces to a crime


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6 responses to “Stasi and Gang Stalking Similarities. Coincidence?

  • Dylan

    This sounds like modern day gang stalking. This is truly a silent holocaust.

  • Ted D.

    Who is in reality committing all these heinous crimes hiding behind curtains and framing others. Who can afford all of this, who made such a evil master plan, who wants to control all of us, who wants to enslave us, who is dictating what system we should have, who is globally steering economical situation, who wants to control whole world.
    Please do not blame our governments. Most of the employees are good people. Be aware of double agents who work for the government and like to attend secret meetings and are involved in plotting. Be aware of the corrupted ones. Today with advanced technology, when in wrong hands any dirt find against anyone can be used to blackmail. That is why things went too far. We have global problems with Gang-Stalkers and is so far uncontrollable. Why local Police is not believing and not helping? Are they victims too? Why petitions to Governments to Stop Gang-Stalking are ignored? Are our governments at any threats? Very possible. Who is here paranoia, victims of privately done so called policing or initiators of the master plan?. Yes, Gang-Stalking after 9/11 is done by private security services and its personnel is counted now in thousands and maybe more. It is done in similar fashion as “Stasi” used to terrorize only with more advanced technology, torture with electronic directed energy weapons etc. Because of the alliance, stalkers can move from one country to another and from city to city so you always will see new faces. Looking closely at them you will notice odd things or they will stand out. You will notice pattern, coincidence and many things explained in some web sites. Reading about “Stasi” in East Germany on Wikipedia you will understand that you are not alone and it is nothing wrong with you. Never talk about these things to shrink, most of them are trained to discredit you for ever. Check for any suspicious fibers of threads in your belt buckle, right shoe, pants, hats, couches, pillows…. with sending to you proper RF, nerves can twitch, arcing for sleep deprivation, upset stomach. Or heating up your body with microwaves. The masters of the plan using Gang-Stalkers to terrorize homeless, handicapped, mentally challenged, natives, whistle-blwers, protesters, any complainers who can put their plain in jeopardy and any stubborn politicians, scientists and to any who is threat to the system.

  • Ted D.

    “Five Eyes” alliance and many more countries participate. I’m watching and studding gang stalkers for over three years now because I was picked as a victim(target). Took me four months(every day watching them, studding their behaviors) and to find out who is doing this evil harassment. I was whistle-blower, I exposed bad judge and in revenge, they, the evil pickers put me on the list with bunch of lies on me. I was sold to the enemy by very highly positioned minister in Federal Government. When I complained to Government about my harassment, that person quit his position and is not seeking any other positions. On the beginning I was tortured with new technologies. Knock out three times in one day basically I find my self lying on the floor with small injuries not having any memories what so ever why I was on the floor and I remember that I did not loose consciousness. My home was invaded many times, few times when my wife was alone still in the bed sleeping. They stole my beautiful 22 karat gold ring (Signet) I purchased in Peru in 1979, it was Inca’s Design and very priceless too me. Who ever stole from me very likely thinks that will get more energy from it.
    Once you are on the list you stay on the list. That is why I think Five Eyes is involved in this. Also time to time I can see the real trouble makers, they look different then everybody else. I’m not talking about any government employee, this bad people think that they are higher than any government and I think that they do not respect any country borders. What I think that Five Eyes is used and abused, tax payers rip off. If anybody knows how many is there now company’s called Private Security Services and each company’s list of targets. I thing is huge. Stalkers is huge number, many of them with experience from Eastern Europe and China. I think some kind mind control, and purge is going on. Homeless are targets also, maybe because to some people they are useless eaters. Also handicapped and mentally challenged or slow are also targeted. This is kind of treatment Nazi did during the II World War. If this continue this mean Nazi style still exist and same time is questionable who actually started Nazi movement. Maybe Germans and others were just used. All for to control natural resources and countries wealth.

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