Gang stalkers don’t just trash lives, they trash values.

Very well said…

Secret Stalking Cult

And these are the values, gang stalkers, hold in contempt:

1.     Family

Gang stalkers meddle with family relationships, spreading lies, manufacturing distrust, forcing betrayal. Remember the film “Sophie’s Choice”?  Gang stalkers expect total obedience from their recruits. Expect to be forced to betray those closest to you – your parents and children, husband or wife.

2.      Love – intimacy

Gang stalkers meddle with and disrupt intimate relationships, sabotaging successful relationships where the partners love each other. The less faithful partner will be lured away, and when the relationship has been broken, dumped. Lies will be told to the partner most likely to believe them, about the other – that that person has been unfaithful or engaged in reprehensible sexual practices.

3.       Love -pets

Gangstalkers torture and/or kill pets.

4.       Professional pride and honesty

Many people take great satisfaction in a…

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