Workplace/Adult Bullying From a Spiritual Perspective. By ABC

Most people who bully in the workplace have undergone training to do just that. Sometimes it is not that people believe the bullies, it is just that they have to pretend to believe because they are all part of the same program surrounding your targeting. They meet and greet with one another, and practice, practice, practice. Sometimes you will start seeing that it is all one big skit or stage play. Everyone has now become an actor. The workforce is now infested with gang stalkers and gang participants. It is pretty low and really sad.

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Workplace/Adult Bullying From a Spiritual Perspective. By ABC

No longer employed and disabled for over 4 years now, it seems like adult bullies are still popping up in every corner of my life, by people, and in ways, I don’t expect. I’ve mentioned that fact in a prior post, about a year after losing my job. It’s still happening, 4 years later, they’re everywhere!
Despite reading comments and articles suggesting that workplace and/or adult bullying, is something that continues to repeat its self, I couldn’t believe it, seeing no logic in it and anticipated a bully free life, after the loss of my job. Now I know, how wrong I was! Proven, to myself, beyond a doubt, several times since. Every time, I failed to recognize the initial stages of a bullying campaign, then, falling into the same pit of anger, that always follows, when the havoc of the bully’s…

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