What can gang stalking recruits expect?

Secret Stalking Cult

I suppose there are few people who would wish to be recruited into the Mafia or the IRA, or any other gangster/terrorist group. People aren’t stupid. They know that once you sign up to these types of organisation, there is no way out – you are in for life. Most people are also moral and have no wish to engage in a life of crime.

Also it is only a minority of people who wish to join a cult. Again most people realise that many cults are border line/actual criminal organisations whose prime purpose is to enslave their recruits using mind control techniques,  fleece them of all their resources, get control of their children,  then set the recruits to work recruiting others for the money making con to continue.

No-one in their right mind joins a group where the prospect of suicide as the only possible escape starts to appear…

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