Gang stalking – life sabotage and white collar crime

I can vouch for that. At least seven, if not more years, of the experience and still counting. They work 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without a break.

Secret Stalking Cult

People not being gang stalked must think Targeted Individuals are a load of hyper-sensitive whingers, who imagine that the common annoyances of 21st century life that affect everybody, is a conspiracy to annoy them. What they overlook is that the entire field of the Target’s experience has been effectively completely land-mined, so whatever direction they go, they experience aggravation or run into trouble.

Common sense advises walk away from trouble, avoid danger-prone situations, always keep the rules, and with a bit of intelligence and foresight problems can be avoided.

Keep the rules – then the authorities have no reason to take an interest in you, and other people are not annoyed and so retaliate. This does not work if you are a Target . You kept the rules, but the authorities decided to meddle with your life anyway. You did nothing to offend anyone else, but other people go out…

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