Gang Stalker Ideology and The Exploitation Of The Working Class ( prayerwarriorpsychicnot explains)

mstmha: I just wanted to say thank you to the author of the following comment that was written in response to my blog post called Ever Seen An Employer Who Misrepresents Your Identity.

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The comment was, in my opinion, one of the best comments that I have read yet that explained how the working class (especially women) are being violated in the not-so war on terror but the new terror war. It really explained much about what we are up against as we continue to expose the very complex terrorism program that has many names; one of which is gang stalking. The comment also really opened the door to the mindsets of the very evil controllers of these present-day torture agendas.

One of my favorite lines from the post…
“If our ” superiors” can only maintain their superiority by cheating – if they can’t face competition on an even playing field, they expose their vulnerability and their own inferiority.”

Thanks again to the author at prayerwarriorpsychicnot on Word Press …

The Following Comment Made By…

Owen Jones “The Demonisation of the working Class”. O Jones asks when did “the salt of the earth” become “the scum of the earth”. Then he describes the attacks on working class communities and their vilification in the media. Post-war feminism by including middle class women in the old boys network, swallowed up ALL the higher level jobs that previously some working class men had achieved and working class women had aspired to. Now there was nowhere for them to be promoted to. At the same time working class jobs were moved overseas to cheap labour countries. My theory is the demonisation is happening because as workers we are now redundant and seen as a threat to the status quo. Although his book is focused on white working class in Britain much of it equally applies to indigenous people of colour, affected by the same circumstances.
I also have a theory that post-war, working class women (which also include women of colour) experienced huge improvements in their previously degrading social conditions. The war had lifted women’s employment. Post war welfare set a bench mark which prevented employers paying women below subsistence wages. Working class women were accessing higher education and competing with middle class men and women for jobs. Contraception and abortion enabled women from being thrown in the gutter due to “accidental” pregnancy. The social class that prostitutes came from were given the opportunity to reject sexploitation. Women who had previously been forced into prostitution were getting educated, supporting themselves, and competing with their social. “superiors” for jobs. The status quo was upset. This was good for working class women but the men wanted prostitutes, employers wanted dirt cheap labour, the police were losing out on the profits and pleasures of involvement with the sex industry, and nobody of higher rank wanted to compete on an even playing field with this previous class of near-slaves, for career jobs. I can’t think of any other reason why COINTELPRO would target feminist and lesbian groups. Keep the whatsits in their place, right?

Women were oppressed. Now they could walk away from bad relationships and support themselves. The oppressing men did not like that and they had a lot of allies (police, people wanting the old status quo back).

I have heard other Targets say their persecution started with an abusive ex-partner , then it morphed into gang stalking. Men have always done that – stalking by proxy and all that. (Vaknin)

Getting back to chavs. Now the working class are redundant they have got to be dehumanised, to undermine their collective political force In pushing back against their new oppression. The media conflates the idea of working class and criminal class. The “respectable” working class we are told has died out, and all that is left are feral, ignorant, lawless, immoral, stupid, criminal, drunken, drug-addled, mentally unstable yahoos, a threat to society who have to be controlled. Sound familiar? Society, or the instruments of society, reject that you and I and others are just the same in socialisation and values as middle class people. The only difference between most working class people and middle class people is we have to work harder to overcome greater social status and economic disadvantages. But the status quo doesn’t want the exploited to stop being exploited . There is nowhere for us to be promoted to, so the view is you were born in the gutter – stay there .

If our ” superiors” can only maintain their superiority by cheating – if they can’t face competition on an even playing field, they expose their vulnerability and their own inferiority. My Mum said – if women are inferior why are they handicapped to fail.

Gang stalkers try to demean us by mocking our values – mocking that we have them. It’s an old game. Invalidation, denying the humanity of others, making out a group or person is sub-human to justify attacking them. They are the scum – not you. They attack your strength and goodness because they do not have it, this is standard for the criminal and insane mind. Because that goodness is strength, and if the good people combined they would be destroyed. But as you pointed out everyone is being manipulated, slave-style, with divide and rule tactics.

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