Lisa Becker’s Testimony-(Another Testimony By A Targeted Individual)

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Lisa Becker’s Testimony
Friday, September 9, 2011

From the blog…
My name is, Lisa Becker, and I currently reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You may find my story difficult to believe, I still can’t believe this could happen in America.

Video from, March 2, 2011, Bioethic Commission Testimonies:

My story begins in 2001- how I came to be involved is really a matter of speculation. I truly don’t know why I was chosen for targeting, other than I am opinionated and contacted the White House and my representatives whenever an issue interested me. I was a landlord and a business person and frequently had to make decisions that impacted other peoples lives. There is also the possibility that local law enforcement needed a target to utilize their new equipment from the NIJ.

I was happily married to my soul mate of 20 years, I had my own business and our primary residence, an 8 unit apartment building was almost paid for. Life was looking good.

Almost overnight strange things began to happen.

-I began getting phone calls where the caller would hang up after about 20 seconds.
-My home and my business were being vandalized.
-My husband became depressed and had difficulty sleeping along with headaches.
-The neighbors near my residence and my business began dumping garbage on my property.
-The City of Racine closed the street to my business forcing me to close for several months.
-My husband began an affair with a co-worker, (not in character for him)
-I had what seemed to be a seizure.
-Our dog began defecating on the carpet.
-My automobile was being vandalized.
-After my husband moved out, someone began entering my apartment and stole personal items, vandalized walls and furniture and left a penny in unusual places. This was done repeatedly for almost two years.
-I had developed what seemed to be neurological problems and extreme fatigue.
-I had a sensation of vibration and electricity running through my body.
-I felt ill, very ill.
-Red marks began appearing on my forehead and the bridge of my nose.

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Known as a bioengineer technical genius among the Targeted Individual community, Stinn fought to have evidence regarding electronic harassment used in court.

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