Humanity Has Outlived Its Usefulness: GAME OVER!

Americans’ were not as dumb as they may have most to think. It is America’s unionization/partnerships with major Third World terrorists (those of whom even they should not trust) who have made every effort to ‘dumb-down’ American citizens’. If American’s were so ‘slow’ then how is it that our so-called ‘non-intelligent’ conspiracy theorists have been tracking and reporting their terroristic methods of trickery, gang stalking, etc. far beyond the scope of even their own ideas. And now, in the aftermath of previous wars, these conspiracy theorists have been proven (time and time again) to be very truthful.

As a matter of fact, many of the ideas, inventions, etc. that America should have taken credit for was either stolen and improved upon by those within other countries. Ask the African-American inventors’ who were and are robbed of their very own credibility because of the greediness and adolescent ideas, like so many others.

If American’s were so dumb then why is it that they feel the need to use electromagnetic weapons on our persons. Why are they using these tools to needle are heads and bodies, and electrocute us within our own homes? They even have gone as far as dafamating the characters of people that they never knew or had any involvement with, amongst other things.

If Americans’ were so dumb, then why attack in this manner instead of just allowing us to go about our normal business? How can you become endangered by being representative of total a retards, so to speak? People who are dumb generally do not pay attention to the shenanigans of others or even find the time to even write about it.

So to those third world know-it-alls. Thank you for paying so much attention while gang stalking the heck out of myself and other Targeted Individuals. We really did not know how smart we really were! Thank you! But no thanks…

So, now, what is the real threat? Their total insecurities or their total liabilities?

If Americans’ were so stupid then why are they micro-chipping our heads so that they can read our minds and see what we can see? Could it be possible that they can thieve ideas a lot easier that way so that they won’t have to pay for it?


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