A Devil Aura Or A Camera Fluke?

From the movie, Never Back Down starring Djimon Hounsou, Sean Faris, Cam Gigandet, Amber Heard, Evan Peters, and Wyatt Smith…

Either this guy is a true Devil in disguise that has adopted a very disturbing aura or the camera in which it was filmed has some very convincing photo effects.

The ‘AFTER’ frame may not have been intentional but, if the Devil does exist in humans, I am more than convinced.
It was quite scary to see this, so, of course, I had to bring out my camera, pause the frame, and capture what I saw.

The reasons behind the differences could be very simple, but I will let you decide. And no, I did not manipulate the frame.

Never Back Down 005

Never Back Down 003

mstmha: Maybe I have delved too deep into the spiritual world where as I can find no way out. I see things all the time but it is not as if I can report it without someone accusing me of being crazy. Crazy, I am not. I have seen ghosts in my childhood. In my adulthood, the ghosts that I have seen were manufactured. (At least that is what I believe. Nevertheless, I have, indeed, experienced the unexplainable and these pics are just some of them. Call me strange or whatever you want but to me…seeing is definitely believing. The supposed NSA hounded me for a while with fake ghosts dramatizations. That is, if it was really them to begin with.

It could possibly have been another organization, such as NASA (who collaborates with the NSA), that could have concocted my ‘ghostly’ street theater. Seriously, who is to know this outside of their groups? I have, however, had experiences with ghosts most of my life. But I cannot honestly say, based on what I have gone through, whether they are real or not.

I am a Targeted Individual, and in that, I question everything. Everything that a target, in my opinion, speaks should be set in stone unless they are finally tested and proved otherwise. (Obviously, testing is something that they never do by chance that someone on the cunning side is proven guilty.) (Big Mike in Danville, Virginia and the rest of of their crew. Those such as Ferrell Edmunds, Chris Johnson, Steven Cox, Steve Gery, Sue Tysinger, Ron Gilbert, Jim Todd, Sharla Toller from the cheer leading squad, classmates from George Washington High School, and so many others within their families and affiliations who had arranged to destroy my life and my family. Get over yourselves. (And folks, there are many more names where that came from. It is sad but I knew a lot of the people that I was being targeted by.

Believe me. And I refuse to exclude classmates, most of which I did know that well from George Washington High School that was located in the same area. They were the worst. If you have ever read my poem, ‘Women’ then you would understand.) And to these lowly folks who have no shame, do not forget to pray ( a lot) to the righteous being. Well wishes. Whatever.

Was the NSA/NASA or whomever, there in my childhood when the the angelic figure waved me to sleep or was the government there the entire time? Can I honestly say that even when the Ouija board answered through an inanimate object in my bedroom that a spirit was actually there? Was it really there or was it just another government experiment?

The invisible NSA, with the exception of audio within my previous home in Virginia, spoke of hypersensitivity. Could it be true that I have that gift? As for now, I guess only they can tell because I truly do not know.
Here is more of what the Devil’s scandalous advocates may want you to know through the media…

From The Movie “American Breakdown” starring Steve Carell, James Gandolfini, Josh Hartnett, Paul Walker, Paris Hilton

PROM and Extras 008

It states that “Americans Are The Last To Know”. Really? Or are we just the last ones to get verified?

PROM and Extras 011
From the movie “American Breakdown”. The #s 666 does reign in identification.

PROM and Extras 014
Were the numerical numbers 666 just a set for the movie “American Breakdown” or did it actually have some significance?

Can we honestly say that it is true when they said…


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