This Is Not A New World Order…But A New World Tragedy!

My 13-year old daughter attempted to commit SUICIDE yesterday by popping pills while residing with my ex-husband and his so-called braggable ‘new’ family.

I could not believe that my sweet, baby girl would ever feel the need to do such a thing. She said that children picked on her at school. Something that gang stalking victims know very well.

My tears rolled as I saw her laying in that hospital bed. I just could not believe it. She said to me,”Mommy, I didn’t mean to make you cry. I’m sorry.” But it was not her fault! Her father has taken us through one trial (literally) after another because he is a Gang Stalker and he has made all of us so miserable because of his greed. The involvement of my children in his plans is just highly unforgivable. Did he not know that he was working for a ton of racists, terrorists who are clearly out to destroy families’ that they really have no interest in, outside of money? How could he have not known? What drew him to be so ugly to his ‘first’ family. The family that was saving him when no one else was around? Now who has the real mental condition here when you are tormenting your very own children because of your own selfishness?

This was my ‘trigger’ in his guilt…

Even though I have known that he has been guilty of my own targeting, he did something that verified that, yes, he helped initiate my targeting.

Of course, as everyone knows, social services has to take part in an investigation of families’ when suicides have been attempted by minors. Well, as I said before, here were my triggers.

When the question was asked as to whether any substance abuse had occurred on either side of our families, he mentioned my family first and their ailments but never attempted to mention anything about his. That is what gang stalkers love to do. They get right to the mental as if they have never had a problem. (Now keep in mind that my very own mother was helping him in obtaining custody of my kids and she never had a real reason to do so outside of being a participant in my gang stalking. She gave him just a bit of information just to help him out.)

Do not think for one moment that I did not bring up his prior substance abuse, as well.

Then he went on to say that my ‘mother’ said that I was hearing voices in my head and what-not. Does this not sound typical to you when your being gang stalked? In short, I flipped the script and told the social services representative that he was lying and that he was a gang stalker. And, yes, I said it to his face. He never denied it. He never denied it even when the social services worker was in his presence. He just turned away for a moment and became abnormally quiet. Needless to say, I am not impressed with his new family. And crazily enough, she never commented about what I had said. The only thing that she asked me when she was walking out the door was,”Are you alright?” I have a feeling that she knew I was pretty pissed off but for her to question such an alleged, federal crime threw me for a loop. Who does that unless they are gang stalkers, as well? Could she be part of it? Sure.

He is already in the network of dumb-founded criminals who never accept responsibility of their own actions.

He absolutely does not know the depth of what he has done. But, of course, he is as socio-pathic as the rest of them if not more. They think of no one but themselves. They never do anything wrong. In this circumstance, would a polygraph and/or brain-fingerprint solve the problem for all parties? Possibly.

Well, I guess the Ultimate Question that should be asked is this…

California has already made gang stalking illegal; so when is the rest of America going to take heed? Are they waiting until all of our families are destroyed?


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3 responses to “This Is Not A New World Order…But A New World Tragedy!

  • prayerwarriorpsychicnot

    I am so terribly sorry to hear your daughter has been pushed to such despair. Being young is not easy without people making it worse. Does she have interests that could build her self confidence – like martial arts? You are ahead of me on everything but I suppose you have told her that if she draws the attention of the authorities she could be put in a mental institution and be worse off. Martial arts build up your exterior protection, but other things build up inner strength. What does she like? Music? Drama? Reading? Gardening? Art? Meditation can help bring balance too . It worked for me. People lived through wars and adapted. You are both living in a kind of war. Suppressing feelings of unhappiness sometimes makes it worse. Regular “wailing” sessions are good for letting feelings out then being normal the rest of the time. I hope she is safely home with you soon. Perhaps teach her some of your analytic/psychological so she can assess objectively where others are trying to manipulate her. Ever read the book “Games People Play”. Hope things are better soon. Take care.

    • mstmha

      Thank you so much. I am still weary and teary from this experience but by the Grace of God, we shall be alright. At least, that is my prayer. My baby is too young, in my opinion, to be subjected to such cruelty but we all know as Targeted Individuals that age is just a number. My soul was so hurt. I felt that if I could survive so many years of being targeted that at least my children would share in the same strength. It is not their fault. Their father has a criminal and mental history, so, I can only assume that he felt that he had no other hope of proving himself a better parent than by gang stalking unlikely truths against me. We had come to an agreement, when I originally had custody of both of my children, that he would never, ever attempt to keep them from me. He lied because he had already had a plan. He did make the attempt and; he still is with the help of his gang stalking friends. Some of which are judges and lawyers within the legal system. They should be fired. We were led to believe that it was about the children’s welfare, not the parents. Believe me when I say that by doing what he did; it was the only way that he could possibly turn the truth around in his favor.

      I cannot tell you how much I have cried for my babies and I am still crying because these misfits have taken sides and induce so much cruelty where it feels as if there will never be a winner. Everybody in my family is suffering in one way, shape, or form, unnecessarily.

      My daughter has now been transferred to a third hospital in two days. It is indeed a mental institute and she will be there for at least a week in Atlanta, Georgia. Please lend her your prayers. Because my ex-husband, through his connections, obtained sole-custody of my children, I have to obtain permission from him in order to see her. It is sad because we are like BFF’s. If she can’t talk to no one else; she can talk to me.

      When she was with me, she was actually in the gifted program. I remember talking to one of her teachers whom actually bragged about her writing skills. Now that she is with my ex-husband, her grades have dropped and she really has just developed a disinterests about anything. Sadly, I can’t reiterate more on the fact that she says that her new family, including my ex, gets on her nerves. She feels as if she is always the one being left behind and she does not have any real friends to talk to because they are always ‘picking on her’. The bullying, nowadays, from what I can see, is more violent than it has ever been. I do not recall, in my childhood, ever having those deep memories of total hatred and jealousy until my adulthood in gang stalking.

      Gang stalkers and their families are now implanted within the classrooms, workforces, communities, and in any other public institutionin in America and world-wide where they are visible, yet, unpunished. This needs to stop because if they were on the other side of the fence, would they have the strength to endure what they have put others through. Probably not. They may never be able to take the kind of treatment that they give to others( three-fold). If they were, indeed, trained to be suicidal, then that is exactly what they would do if ever they were caught. Even in the circumstance that suicide is a sin in the eyes of God; only because they do not know him like we do.

      Gang stalking needs to end now. The KKK, NSA, etc. are not kidding when they speak about ending our lives as if our lives were theirs to begin with.

    • mstmha

      Thank again. It is past that we gain support from Targeted Individuals all over the world to come together for the security and betterment of ‘all’ of our families’. If they want a ‘World Court’ according to the book, “The 48 Laws of Power”, then they we should give it to them. We need as much legal help as we can possibly muster. If these ‘fake’ lawyers are only thinking about a payday, then it is quite possible that they may get it if we were all united. All they need to do, in the name of justice, is to win the damn cases. Make our governments’ pay for it. Heck, we may all become peaceful, millionaires and even that may not compensate for the damage. This is not an agenda of hate on our side but a solution to an already illegal agenda. I just need to know… where do we start? Fear is not an option.

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