20,000 Negroes Recruited Into the KKK after the Civil War? Fact or Fiction? I guess Gangstalking May Be That Much Closer To Being Explained…


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…A least 20,000 Negroes joined the original Ku Klux Klan! (Obviously, that included Negro families, as well.)

mstmha: Unbelievable! OK, let me see if I can think this through.
Negroes were invited to join the KKK. OK, it has been alleged that the Gang stalking program was originally developed by KKK members. Now the KKK believes in “White Supremacy”. Am I correct? (Now, I am just speculating here. Please feel free to right what I may have wrong.)

Sooo…I guess the confusion came when I read that they invited what I like to call ‘People of Color’ to their organization. Talk about a Grand Scam! Oh my goodness! They decided to turn our own people against us to further their own agenda in the ‘intent to harm’ other races that, honestly, they never respected to begin with.

But wait…it did not stop there. The program of traumatization and torture was expanded to even their ‘own’ races and others. Was this the point where they disguised themselves in order to satisfy the greed and insecurities of whom they may have considered the disadvantaged. (Awww…Their own personal play-friends!)

Seriously, some may recognize this as instituting the fervor of ‘personal vendetta’. Scratch my back, I will scratch yours, so to speak. Did I read any of that article correctly? Maybe I am the one slipping.

(In my assumption of personal vendetta, anyone can gain victory over someone whom they may consider their enemy whether it is through heartbreak or any other ‘personal’ issues as long as the KKK is meeting their own goals of race bias and elimination.)

Wow! If I am at all correct, this is, by far, the worst thing to ever have happened in ANYONE’s history! The KKK has been shut down many times but they just keep bouncing back with new ideas and agendas. Can it be that they are, indeed, the Devil’s SPAWN? If so, I cannot say that we were not warned ‘because the Bible tells us so…’.


They are forcing us to gang stalk our own kind because, according to the article, “the Negroes, could police and supervise their own people thus freeing us from the more dangerous and critical details in dealing with the renegading whites.” ‘Renegading whites’? Really? Don’t you mean those whites that stood for peace and justice amongst ALL people. Not just for a chosen few? I would also like to say that I grew up with some of these ‘Renegading Whites’ and I have actually dated a few so whose side would you think that I would really be on?

One of their excuses for inviting ‘People of Color’ to join the KKK was because most shared in their bloodlines. OK, then why are so many of us dying? Why are they programming our own people against one another?

It seems to me that they have spun a web, in the current century, where even they may find quite difficult to get out of. Conspiracy and Intent to Harm innocent people, amongst other things, can be very serious.

What is it about other races that they hate so much that they continue to invent tactics that will destroy and harm others? It cannot be that serious! Jeez! We all have to struggle to survive in one way, shape, or form, so why is that their ‘panties are so in a bunch’? Have they ever heard of “Relax, Relate, Release”?

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mstmha: And while I am going there… And I am invisibly cyborg-ed for what reason?

The webs they weave keep getting better and better…
Hell, I may have to call up Spike Lee. (And, no, I do not know him.)
*Maybe he can school them on how to really just ‘Do the Right Thing’. This gang stalking program is wasteful and ridiculous.

Spike Lee, here is a new documentary for you…

20,000 Negroes Under The Sea…

I don’t know how many ‘Negroes’ remember the movie “The Little Mermaid” but the MEMORY of the lyrics to one of the songs really made my day .

It goes like this…

Under the sea,
Under the sea.
Darling it’s better,
Down where it’s wetter,
Take it from me!

Race discrimination is shallow and immature but if you really want to go there…

These people are seriously sad…

And now that I think about it further…

…We are all destined to die eventually, according to the ruckusall, the rush in the attempt,

Wake up WORLD and realize that there are more of us than there are of them.

mstma: Do not take my opino


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