Analytical Skills Quiz: Which Thinker Are You?

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My (mstmha) results after taking the quiz:

It stated…
Congratulations! You’ve completed Analytics Skills Quiz: What Kind of Thinker Are You? .

You are a Data Analyst

Your talent is to see relationships in what everyone else sees as chaos. What confuses and overwhelms your colleagues fascinates you until you can find how all the puzzle pieces fit together. Your beautiful mind would most enjoy being a data analyst. Challenge your critical thinking skills and make sure they are ready for your future as a data analyst. According to recent research, 70 percent of executives feel that critical thinking skills are extremely important to their business, and most feel their employees are, at best, average.

mstmha: I am actually laughing at my results! It is hilarious and I would love to share the reason why I am in total giggles right now.

I have observed, based on previous employment, that I was being mobbed out of one job after another because I am a critical thinker ! I noticed everything, including the thievery. Honestly, I do not believe that they would employ people like myself in the workforce because it makes it three times harder for them to rob you blind. Now, please note that I am only speaking from my own personal experiences. Targeted Individual experiences do vary. It is just unfortunate for them that everyone is not falling into the “Do as I say, Not As I do” routine.

Maybe ‘critical thinking’, in today’s workforce, only suits if you’re an occultist, clan, mob, or gang member. Or maybe that is a skill they would just rather do without. Who really knows! It has been almost eight months, now, and I still haven’t secured full or part-time employment. You know, the type of employment where you actually receive a ‘real’ paycheck. It is no wonder that I did not ‘FIT’ into their programming. I have been given the run-around so much that it would make even a Superhuman exhausted.

However, the quiz was quite interesting, anyway. At least my ego wasn’t totally stomped! I know that I am not the smartest cookie in the cookie jar; but I am definitely not the dumbest either. What a blessing!

The quiz is very short and to the point. Enjoy!


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6 responses to “Analytical Skills Quiz: Which Thinker Are You?

  • prayerwarriorpsychicnot

    Good point, low status jobs don’t want intelligent people, with analytic ability. It won’t get you promoted it will get you sacked. Maybe a booky would be tolerant of this combination. I read “The Peter Principle” years ago, about how, supposedly, people get promoted to their level of incompetence. There was a sequel I’ve heard which I am sure is more interesting how some people never get promoted at all, however good they are. Is a working class woman, well educated and intelligent going to be promoted over the head of a middle class work colleague. I have never seen it happen. All that happens is you become the office donkey where everyone piles their work onto you to make you fail.

  • mstmha

    I am definitely going to agree with you. There are many people who work in fear of another’s advancement. They shy away from the possibility that you may one day become their boss instead. I have met quite a few of those people with those types of insecurities. Sometimes, if they find that you are ‘promotable’, they will make every effort to prevent what would have been rightful to begin with. The relationships between managers and employees within the workplace can almost feel as if your in a jealous relationship without actually being one. It gets worse if you work around a lot of women.

    In my workforce experience, I have almost always been the trainer that gets someone else promoted. It never mattered how hard I worked or how beneficial my knowledge was in improving someone else’s performance. I was the one who hardly ever got promoted. I guess families do stick together in some cases whether they deserved it or not.

    I can only recall one promotion that I have ever received. I was working as an assistant in a mortgage company as a temporary employee. I actually loved the job, the people, and the environment. And I was really hoping to become a permanent employee with this company.

    Well, I can only assume that the manager of the facility was impressed with something that I was doing because I was promoted to work with the mortgage underwriters on the top floor. My job was to help them catch up with the loans that were in incomplete status. Well, I did what I was suppose to do. Now, meanwhile, they brought in another young lady who was contracted through another third party agency that was used by the underwriters . I was asked to train her on top of my other duties. Eventually, she stayed with the company and they let me go. Do you think that they paid me anything extra for training her? Nope. Now this is just one scenario. I have many.

    Literally, I have helped build the foundation of an Import and Domestic freight office from scratch without knowing anything about Transportation and was actually asked to train the woman who was ‘heading’ the department. Did I ever get promoted? The answer to that is no but she was promoted at least three times in my almost four years of employment with the company. I have never had the title or made the money that I deserved and after a while, it gets frustrating.

    Some things just fall in people’s laps more than others, I guess. I always felt that I was just glutton for punishment. Do I think that cults have a lot to do with it? Yes, I do.

    You said it correctly…”All that happens is you become the office donkey where everyone piles their work onto you to make you fail.”

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