Big Brother is watching you, really watching

Requiring fingerprints for employment is more common now than ever before. I have honestly been fingerprinted at least three times by three different companies for three different job opportunities. Why is it that fingerprints can’t just be pulled from one master location? What else are they doing with our information that so many people are being contracted to run these fingerprinting machines?
As I see it, fingerprinting would be the fastest way for our government to enter every innocent and not-so-innocent, American and non-American individual into their private super computers and other databases. But it seems that by doing this, it leads me to think that they are acting just a little too overly paranoid. It is correct to say we are already guilty before being proven innocent. And even if you are innocent, you’re still guilty because they say so.
How much privacy invasion and information falsification (identity theft, etc.) are we to endure before someone’s lights finally turn on in their heads so that they may see that what they are doing is just as wrong for them as it is for us ?
Could it be that our government is really being run by real sociopathic schizophrenics who are in denial or are they just in agony over their own guilty consciences because they are actually, in fact’ the real criminals in aiding and abetting? It also makes you wonder if everyone who is calling the shots is being slammed as much as we in everything that makes us miserable.
Sadly, I guess it really is beginning to not matter that we do still have laws but the good thing about that is that moral laws still exist.

eats shoots 'n leaves

From the Center for Investigative Reporting via Journeyman Pictures, a disturbing look atg police surveillance technology now deployed in the U.S.:

The Frightening New Technology Transforming State Surveillance

Program Notes:

State of Surveillance: Across the US, Hollywood-style surveillance technology is inching closer to reality. Sophisticated technologies enable access to more data than ever before raising questions about how the information is used.

For downloads and more information visit: – private

“You can lie about your name, date of birth, address but tattoos, birthmarks, scars don’t lie”, says officer Rob Halverson. Mobile facial recognition technology allows him to capture a person’s face and confirm their identity within seconds. Wide-area surveillance is another technology revolutionising surveillance. Capturing images from a plane, it has the ability to play back the movement of cars and people as they scurry about the city. Meanwhile, the FBI is finalizing plans this year to make 130…

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