20 Signs You May Be a Victim of Gang Stalking

Citizens, not serfs

Most people at some time of their lives will have experienced one or more of the following:

1.     Petty theft.

2.      Petty vandalism

3.      Mysterious loss of a personal item

4.      Bullying at school

5.      Bullying in the workplace

6.      Inexplicable rejection/refusal to interview/hostile interview for a job suitably qualified and experienced for. Blacklisted.

7.      Slander

8.      Noisy anti-social neighbours

9.       Stalking

10.     Family/friends/acquaintances suffering large financial losses.

11.     Bad service from utilities/tradesmen, including being over-charged or billed for a service you have not received.

12.     Related to 11, bureaucratic fobbing off when you try to deal with the problem.

13.     Solicitors give wrong advice

14.     Keep meeting problem people. In fact they are the only type of person you ever…

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