Gang stalking – the new slavery?

Citizens, not serfs

What do the following have in common? Domestic abuse, trafficking, cults, confidence tricks, protection rackets, espionage recruitment, political indoctrination, gang stalking.

Control of the target/victim, and their total exploitation.

All the above are variations on the same theme – and that theme is slavery.

Not surprisingly, all the above use similar methods to obtain their objective.

1.    Selection of the victim/target.

2.    Isolation of the target. (As in nature, the predator separates their target from the protection of the group. It is easier to attack individuals on their own).

3.    Silencing/gagging the target with threats of what will happen if they speak out.

4.    Weakening target. By accumulating attrition over time or a severe traumatic attack/incident.

5.    Deception of the target. The manipulation is more effective if the real agenda is concealed. So the target thinks one thing is happening…

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